Saturday, December 23, 2006

Was supposed to search for something inside my secret cabinet but ended up reading all the letters I received over the years. Yes I do keep almost every note, postcard, greeting card, or letter given, whether they were of motivating or destructive content, written with good or ill motivation. I guess I am a hopeless romanticist. While I move on with life, I would still like to keep EVERY memory with me. Good or bad. And letters are perfect retrieval cues for such memory bits. Despite living in this techno age, I still love HANDwritten letters. Nice or illegible. For the personal feel, personal touch. And also they are physical things! Means it feel real. Somehow computer to me is always a tool for business and not a place to safekeep emotions. Letters do the latter better. Found it so funny when pow thought i was a guy during the J1 angel and mortal game. And all the letters between me and hoo hoo were just so memorable. And jiayou letters for exams, for xmas, new year, cny, competition... Yes I am a hopeless romanticist who loves to safekeep every emotion. But it's just me. Don't know how to end this entry. Ok just end it like this.


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