Tuesday, January 30, 2007

My Hong Kong experience

Eight days.

How much has the world changed?

Intrisically I know that nothing much has.

But somehow, through my shallow perception, everything feels and looks different now. The warmth, the scenery, the language, the lifestyle.

It's back to the boring and normal I guess.

Life in Macau+HK was a whopping joyous hilarious totally memorable awesome cool sweet nice experience!

When I didn't need to check my phones for meetings or tasks to do.

When I didn't need to check my mails for updates from school or cca.

When I was embedded in multiple layers of warm clothing.

When my facial muscles were tense due to endless laughters over stupid poses we made or stupid stories or stupid comments we came up with.

Will always remember this by Lun Kai: 好多车车哦!

When I was cruelly punched by the horrendously democratic yet nice actually Singapore.

Never ever wanna do the huo4 yuan2 jia3 dance again.

When people stepped out of their comfort zones or normal selves just to entertain the others.

Will always remember Pam's President Induction Camp designed by the monstrous us!

When I challenged myself again and again over what I can learn and what I want to learn in the conference.

When I struggled to lift my eyelids during the talks, the seminars, the discussions.

When I battled hard to leave my cold blankets to greet to colder winds out there.

When I fought to find a balance between sleeping hours and interaction hours.

When I shivered in the winds.

When I added yet another layer of clothing to my dumpling body.

When my breath was taken away by Hong Kong endless stretch of night scenes.

When Hong Kong swept me away with its streets after streets of luring goods.

When just by eating desserts can burn a hole in my pocket.

When my brain juice was further drained trying to do accounts for the Singaproe team.

When people put up with me late in the nights for conference reports.

When people put up with me for my jokes and lame and sometimes comments that were so not funny that even I myself felt embarrassed after saying them.

When I was scared by the suspicious Indian hovering over our hotel door.

When we got anxious for not being able to catch the return flight as we just refused to be on time.

When time and again we failed to wake up early to watch flag raising at Golden Bohemia Square.

When we traveled to and fro between Kowloon and Hong Kong Island 6 times within a night.

When we struggled to stay up overnight on the last night despite the sleep debt we built over the last 7 days.

When I woke up with a croaky voice after 15 hours of sleep on Sunday.

When I found out at night that I have yet some 250 mails to check.

When I found out that my this week's nights have all been taken up by meetings, trainings or gatherings.

All in all, it was nice sweet cool awesome totally memorable joyous hilarious!

I haven't finished talking yet! But for now, let the pictures do the work. Mind you, these isn't exhaustive.

The place we've been.

The people I went with. Singapore aiesecers! First row from left: Meixi Laura Cheryl Marcus David all from SMU, second row from left: Lun Kai from SMU, Siew Yik from NUS, Pam from SMU and Nicholas from NTU! Finally! I am no where there.

The temperature we experienced. Someone just tried to act cool.

The barbeque we had. First time I found that the fire is actually lovely!

The game we played.

The pose we did.

The places we visited. St. Paul Ruins!

The food we ate. Someone (can't remember who) actually commented that he would never eat portugese egg tarts anymore in Singapore!

The place we stayed. The Hong Kong one was scary.. But what can we do? It's budget..

The fog we experienced. Macau and Hong Kong looked very slum-y in the day when view from high. But their internal designs were actually modern mind you!



Blogger ddee said...

Gosh....this one reminds me of my conferences and how I miss all those times.

Cherish those times, and well...make the most of out it, you still have lots of opportunities for that.

ps: Nice bg song..I like!!!! So melo...like e posting hiks hiks

10:49 PM  
Blogger w a n x i n said...

haha thank you! melo? I thought it sounded more soothing! haha.. i had a more melo backgd song last time, so melo that i can cry just by listening to it..

1:33 AM  

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