Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Piece of entry before I leave for my Hong Kong trip. I got the same style as pow! wakaka...

Oh yes I am going to Hong Kong for an AIESEC RIPPLES Conference on 20th to 27th Jan. The actual conference period is 21st-24th. We are making a day stop at Macau and 3-day trip at Hong Kong itself. On the expense of missing school. Magically school approved my leave without any querries, even though the leave is longer than the conference. I am getting so perked up for the trip! Ignoring the impending workload, I shall enjoy the trip! So points I shall take note:
  1. no checking of mails (or minimal)
  2. no thinking that I can't keep up with school work
  3. no complains for exhaustion
  4. no complains for cultural difference. I am there for the cultural shock!
  5. no comparison to the environment I have here. I am there for a new experience!

The temperature there is 13-17'c. Hong Kong is in winter now! It will be my first time living in winter. Cool man! It will be my first time having to live in a world of Cantonese. I believe my lousy and laughable Cantonese will improve loads after this 8 day trip! And I am going to Hong Kong University! A university I actually intended to go initially. So it will be just-so-cool! Just learned that Hong Kong AIESEC has won the best national committee award last year. So I believe I will be able to learn loads from them!

Keep the spirit up! And I will be back feeling great! :D


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm so happy for you! This is great; now I will ask you all about Hong Kong once you're back - although I'm quite sure it's not much different from Singapore apart from the Cantonese bit - which is the same for me.

Siew Yik from NUS is going too - I'm sure you know that. Did the NLDS OC have discussions about RIPPLES? Or is it just a coincidence that the only two people I know who are going to RIPPLES are NLDS OC members?

Have fun girl!

9:34 PM  
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Blogger w a n x i n said...

Dear nabeel,
I am back and Hong Kong is just so cool! Both culture and temperature! Oh well, it's not a coincidence that people who are going to RIPPLES are from NLDS OC. In fact, there are not just two of us. It's 10 of us from the rocking OC! Wahaha..

3:50 AM  

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