Sunday, February 04, 2007


It's been a week after returning from Hong Kong. It has been a mad rush for meetings, trainings and gatherings. A tough fight for time by CCA responsibilities, sleep and studies. Normally, the first party prevails over the second, and the second will snatch time away from the third. Overslept for one lecture, and I was so tired on Friday that I went out of lecture to sleep.

Weekend has finally arrived. A time when I don't have arranged timeslots for things 24/7. Looking back at the conference times, sometimes I feel disillusioned. Did I really go Hong Kong last week? Things feel distant now. The memory still lingers, the emotions are still there. But it feels like it's memory of a long ago past, not something that has just happened last week. HKU, Avenue of Stars, Lucia, Doris, USA Hotel, Macau, Tsim Sha Tsui, Ladies Market, Rippleans, uncles, the Singapore team, cultural exchange.. everything feels far away. Far far away. Thanks to the large volume of intervening experiences here in Singapore that I must force myself to immerse in in order to be competent for the jobs I take up.

I guess I am just overinvolved. But deep in my heart, I still miss Hong Kong, and the times I had there. With you guys.


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