Wednesday, February 14, 2007

New year; New reflection

Days of the weeks have flown past, being stuffed with uncountable meetings and assignments and tests and commitments, so full that they do not have space for any feelings or emotions. Everytime they well up, I have to suppress them, or temporarily release them in bulk, then re-immerse into the work again. CNY is near. So near. Valentine's is today. Somehow I didn't recall registering any sense of excitement for these days. Am I turning into a workaholic unknowingly? Am I losing the ability to feel?
After lesson yesterday, I gave myself the liberty to run run run away from NTU. Being constrained by time, I could only go Jurong Point. The shops feel strange to me. Now I am reminded how long since the past have I not shopped. Have I not gotten in touch with the world out there.
This is bad. I shall never lose the right to live. I will not become a slave for work. No matter how interesting the work is, how important my studies are, how actually I can interact and live while working, I will always make it a point to live out of them. I need to live as a human, as a commoner, as a girl! I will not forget the true nature that lies within me, that desire to laugh, run, scream, get wild, shop, meet precious friends like yunz, smile, breathe, live. Work complements my life. I love my work. But it shall never become me. It will never take over my life.
I will be my life.
Thanks to Chinese New Year, your appearance causes me to think and reflect. Thanks to this runaway from French lesson, the extra time returned to me gives me the chance to pause, feel and blog. Thanks to blog, it's always a place for me to spin my thought. Work, thou shalt never consume my life.
I will be my life.
For now, let's cheer, celebrate and be merry! Chinese New Year is here! Bought my dream white leather bag yesterday finally. Cost me a bomb, but no regrets. Bought white sandals too!Hoohoo... I want that white cap!! Was packing this morning when I know actually I should be studying for French. Excitement is brewing beneath. I am going home! CNY is here! Soon soon soon! Can't wait for tomorrow to come! Yoohoo!


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