Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Breathing life

After my tutorial, I walked back as I was too lazy to wait for the bus. Somehow, I was stunned by the rustic views of the normal route. The grass were green, the trunks were brown, the roads were peaceful. It's rare that we can have a modern life yet surrounded by forest-like greenery.

And now when I am typing, I am bathing in moonlight which is shining right outside my windows.


I will learn to treasure things around me. I will learn to be more mindful about miracles that are already happening to me. Having the chance to receive higher education is a bliss, having the opportunities to organise meaningful activities is a bliss, knowing great people through activities is a bliss, able to keep in touch with old friends is a bliss, having great roommate is a bliss, able to walk safely in the middle of the night is a bliss, able to sleep peacefully at night is a bliss, able to enjoy sunshine is a bliss, able to see moonlight is a bliss.

Able to know what my weaknesses is a bliss, able to observe great things around me is a bliss, able to treasure them is the greatest bliss of all!


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