Monday, March 19, 2007

Missing the new year

Finally I have my CNY pictures uploaded. And that's what procrastination makes one person become.
Finally the family picture that we have long for.

Reunion dinner and our home traditional steamboat.

Well-wishes session. It's the time when every member will have to wish everyone with the offering of one piece of food. Something we invented. And imagine doing that with 8 people. looonnnnggggggg session!

Primary 6 class gathering as promised every year! Realise new year is about doing something traditional. Interesting huh. But I totally don't mind. I love my p6 class!

Buddha in Flower at Dong Zen Temple aka 东禅寺. It's the largest temple in Malaysia and is extravagant in its decoration for Chinese New Year. But this does help to spread true buddhism in Malaysia, I hope.

大雄宝殿. Where I refresh my memory on how to do proper 礼佛三拜.

Lantern of wishes.

A tower made just for this event. The interior is empty, with a machine to lift people up to the highest floor for sight see.

Zen in life.
It is about wanting little and focusing on these little things, not being distracted.


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