Sunday, March 11, 2007

NTU Open House rocks with @!

Yay today was NTU Open House! And I was down with AIESEC (and to a smaller extent, I also had a dance performance for Hall). Initially I was a little hesitant about it, since I was told about this task pretty last minute (we were given only 4-day notice and have to come up with decoration, dance practice and presentation style! The worse thing was that they made it compulsory for main comm applicants.

However, it turned out really well! We had fun wearing hats from different countries kindly lent by Dei. Initially I didn't know why I was afraid to approach anyone to start introducing AIESEC. Perhaps it was due to my innate shyness. But after a few screwed up warm ups, I started to get the hang of it then began to be able to crap well. And as I talked to more and more people, you learn how to summarise your points better, to talk in a more organised manner. :) And the dances were fun! We entertained others by entertaining ourselves! What other SS (shiok sendiri - self-entertain) things did we do?

1. Cheer during lucky draw even though we didn't know who won the prize.

2. Wave when people were singing up on the stage.

3. Shouted 'Hey AIESEC! What do you think?' and answered 'Xcellent!' after a group of bravo trio performed their excellent rap!

I wondered how much information people we talked to bring back, and how many of them remembered us. But hopefully, they have a vague idea of the existence of a crazy organisation that does serious stuff.

The night before. Internationalism of AIESEC: (clockwise from angmoh) René from Germany, Hazel from Kenya, Wira from Indonesia, Jun Ming from Singapore, Xie Wei from China and Wan Xin from Malaysia!

Cultural exchange at work. The poster says: Are you meeting requirements or are you setting standards? And 'die' in German means 'the'!

The poster that tells you how grand is AIESEC.

Ready to get crazy!

Fighting with the jamband on stage which is right beside our booth. That left me with a mouth ulcer!

Hat from Kazakhstan! The chiobu behind me is the president for NTU AIESEC.

Me and Anubhav another main comm applicant.

China hat! It's actually the chinese vampire hat.

Sharing is caring... Wan Xin at work. Do you understand me?

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Blogger ddee said...

Onesin..can I post the 'edited' version of this on LC Blog? Can send me with the pics? haha chiobu haha

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