Saturday, March 31, 2007

Rest in peace

I just came back from Ms Deborah Wee's wake. She committed suicide on 26th March 2007. She hasn't even turned 22 yet.

Death is distressing. It's sad to hear how her friends and boyfriend spoke fondly about her. It's sad to see her lying there peacefully. She is still so young and there's so much more waiting for her. I know we can't help but to ask why and how. But the truth only lies with her. Speculation is unhelpful and it only hurts. No matter what, Miss Wee, rest in peace. You are well remembered by us. Wherever you are now, hope that you are happy and free of worries.

People, please treasure you life and treasure it well. It is precious. Some others may have choose to forfeit their right to live, and give up all the possibilities that can happen in life. You shouldn't. If you don't understand life, live it to understand it; if you understand life, live it to enjoy it. There is absolutely no reason to give up life. Absolutely no. If you have one, you have to continue living to understand why that is NOT a reason. Anytime when you think you need help, please call out. Don't keep it within. We are in a society, and by society it means it's NORMAL for people to help each other. Reach out.


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