Saturday, March 17, 2007

What are the nicknames?

Finally freed on weekend, I took a peek at what my friends are writing in their MSN nicknames:
  • I accidentally deleted all my contacts in the phone.... what should i do now??
  • The World Hates ME
  • everything is in vain
  • our end is near
  • you'll be attended shortly
  • i noe our story will continue always
  • gimme blackbul's deedddddddd!!! and all other desired weapon drops
  • SCREAMS!!! lab reports, quizzes and EXAMS, are the bane of my very EXISTENCE
  • lipids, glycerol, fatty acids, cholesterol, trigylcerides
  • people with bad attitude should just perish
  • 'wiki' wins a place in Oxford Eng Dictionary
  • Being totally honest with oneself is a good exercise
  • last night i dreamt of marshmallow buffet, and i found my pillow missing when i woke up
  • when will my nose come back to me?
  • Cannot oso must can
  • chance to be GHOST! Don't miss the fun ya
  • 最近怎么吃都不饱,是的是的,我的胃是个无底洞
  • SAs needed for MSA FOC! Anyone interested nudge me on MSN or SMS me!
  • laparnya...
  • HW111(almost done!),HP202(just began!),HP203(2/3 done),HP200(DONE)
  • 朋友,只是一个不停旋转的circle..也许,我只是他们眼中一颗微不足道的微尘罢了。
  • whoever interested to go kayaking on 17 mar come find me!
  • any penang guy want to buy rm80 ticket to go home?
  • 我要发奋!
  • i'm tired, i'm sleepy, i'm hungry and i'm STRESSED....
  • Learning to take things lightly, tmr will be a better day.. (i hope)
  • where the stars are never blind
  • I know why FYP kills
  • weddings are stressful
  • AIESEC UM Appreciation Night 2007 - ticket at RM65, Dynasty Hotel Grand Ballroom 17th March 2007 Saturday
  • Join me in the AIESEC Middle East project OC!!!
  • im in deep shit now
  • I miss The Ripples
  • Xpro preparation - Let's contribute to the GN plan!!!
  • anyone has camping mat?
  • a pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity, the optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty

Basically, you can see that nickname serves the following functions:

  • declare something that happen in life
  • hint something that's happening in your life
  • report a news
  • publicise a news
  • convey an attitude
  • publish your philosophy
  • show your poetic side
  • be funny
  • any other random intention



Blogger Nai Jiew Mil said...

haha 7 of them are in my list as well lol

2:17 AM  

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