Wednesday, April 04, 2007

The information from SMG.

Had my first company meeting today with Sharon the boss for AIESEC Singapore and Ker Ying. It was, well, intimidating, as I didn't know what to expect for and what to prepare. In Psychology script, it's that I didn't have a schema for this kind of event. Schema is the mental framework which we use to organise knowledge regarding a particular event. But I feel secured. I am going with the boss man! I will just go there, be a quiet observer to understand how company meetings work. It was a meeting with SMG Training Systems.

The meeting went well, a lot of information exchanged. How aiesec ensures quality of interns, what are the backups if interns do not perform, the roles of aiesec in the internship matching, how can the company collaborate in our other seminars conferences workshops or recruitment... It's amazing to realise the professional structure of aiesec, when it's only done by students, and when the executive boards are changed yearly. The transition will be challenging to ensure continuity. Imagine the CEO of a company is changed yearly!

I really admire Sharon's cool composition and the way she deliver the message across. I can't imagine that I have to do that myself one day. But that day has to come and will come. And for SMG, my name is in there as the contact person for the internship programme. By hook or by crook I have to be knowledgeable in terms of AIESEC stuff. So I better learn more...

Realised recently that aiesec is like christianity. It makes you believe in it totally, like devotees, and start preaching people around about it. It commands for little doubt in it, and makes you slave for it with your heart and soul. Sometimes I have to try hard to stop my preaches to prevent myself from being annoying. Sometimes people just want to have their own way of life and you just have to come to terms with that. Haha...

After the meeting I went to walk around in Jurong Point. And I ended up with this massive cards shopping. Sometimes you will just be so entralled by things that you end up making impulsive decision. Like my card shopping experience.

These cards actually cost me near 30 bucks! *puke blood*

Finally, our day3diary.. To be filled with all our nonsense. Today is the first day that I didn't mug with the 3ers, after a 6-day mugging marathon. Kinda miss them. Hoho...

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

dear WX,

u r such a great gal!
gambateh ya!!


1:21 AM  
Blogger w a n x i n said...

auww.. why suddenly say so.. you make me shy.. love you too!

3:58 AM  
Blogger ddee said...

may you have a great time during the meeting. I myself never been to one ^^'


11:10 AM  
Blogger w a n x i n said...

yeah it was great.. just that I wasn't quite sure of what to do, when to speak, how to point, when to stand, or when to even laugh.. I still need to get used to it..

2:24 AM  
Blogger Sharon said...

well I remember feeling like that for my first company meeting.. many years ago... wah.. so old.. hahaha...

5:27 PM  
Blogger w a n x i n said...

does it mean that few years down the road when I share my experience with my juniors, I will feel the same sentiment too?

8:32 PM  

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