Friday, April 06, 2007

just a little b.o.r.e.d.

Something you do when you are stubborn and not want to sleep.

1. your cellphone?-- Sony Ericsson red k610i. In repair shop now. Apparently spoiled from the drowning in Jan.
2. mp3 player?-- my lappie
3. shoes?-- mondo.. money doesn't allow me to buy Aldo killer heels!
4. bags?-- random bags bought at random shops, but the one I like the best is my 77th Street white leather bag!
5. parfume?-- Body Shop White Musk and Velique (the latter is a 20th bday gift fr beloved koko)
6. shampoo?-- Dove Moisturetherapy
7. soap?-- Johnson & Johnson's Peach (thinking of Yunz)
8. sandals?-- mondo and fox
9. wallet?-- Planet Ocean, 20th bday gift from dajie
10. tooth paste?-- Darlie Total White
11. tooth brush?-- Colgate whitening
12. mouthwash?-- tap water
13. hair conditioner?-- Dove Moisturetherapy & G. Lorane O2 massque
14. tissue?-- Kleenex ocean series
15. body lotion?-- The Body Shop Body Butter Strawberry *yummy*
16. underwear?-- *shhh..
17. jacket?-- I don't wear one normally, but have my Hwa Chong, SC and Bossini jacket
18. t-shirts?-- I'm growing to like Give Me Back My Sunday from Bugis though I only own one
19. instant noodles?-- The Korean Shin Mian!
20. milk?-- Anlene! Which just spoiled. *sulk
21. eye glasses?-- is there a brand for mine?
22. jeans?-- don't like jeans.
23. facial wash?-- MadamHsu
24. facial cleanser?-- MadamHsu
25. moisturizer?-- MadamHsu
26. facial powder?-- Maybelline
27. lipstick?-- The Body Shop colour 1 (20th birthday pressie from pow and ereneh)
28. eye shadow?-- Maybelline trio and the Body Shop trishadow
29. mascara?-- Maybelline and L'oreal
30. blusher?-- Fasio, from sis



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