Wednesday, April 11, 2007

les pictures parlent (let the pictures talk)

Yes this is about 3ers' exam-mugging. And all the deviations that stem out from mugging session. Today celebrates the 2-week anniversary of us mugging together.

We do mug. Featuring K didi who became my daddy.

Girls mug harder. Featuring YY the body part of my aunt.

And of course, I do mug.

Some people do mug in a weird way. Featuring J the greatgrandfather.

Some people have weird habits while mugging.

Sometimes we ordered dinner and gave the poor delivery man a big problem locating our tutorial room. (He insisted delivering it to the room!)

And we do keep ourselves hydrated. Voluntary watermen do the job of carrying gallons of water.

Sometimes we do watch nice sunsets together.

And sometimes we do stop to view nice night scenes on the way home after a night of tiring mugging. Featuring the best view from NTU - the view from the back of SSC. And I killed a snail there. sorry.

And sometimes scandals do happen. Featuring my greatgrandparents - J and SL.

Sometimes gay scandals just have to happen naturally. J and WH - my cousin.

Or some accidental romance. May be it's intentional? :p Featuring YZ and WJ - the spirit part of my aunt and my grandfather.

Sometimes people come in the same dress sense. Featuring PS my jiejie.

Sometimes people just happen to have the same pose.

Sometimes people end up using computer for the wrong reason. Featuring WP my koko.

Sometimes mama has to punish son for DOTAing instead of mugging.

Sometimes people do feel like posing as depressed homme.

Sometimes we do take pictures everywhere. Featuring lift.

A lot of the time people end up sleeping. But this is actually taken during the night when the guys camped over in the seminar room.

More sleeping... It's amazing how they maintain balance while striving to sleep comfortably.

Sometimes people sleep even during the non-sleeping hours.

We always have a lot of ammunities with us especially during the weekeend camps.

And of course a lot of rubbish is produced and we just have to pose to take pics of them. Try to locate my finger. Clue 1: it's one of the darkest, 2: It has one of the smaller angle of opening, 3: There's a tiny on the back of my hand.

HSS Seminar Room 2 is our favourite mugging place.

Sometimes we do celebrate birthdays. Featuring YY's bday on 18 March.

Featuring J's bday on 28 March.

We do try to come up with nice stuff.

And nice sabotage. This is called butt-dipping.

And some bleesing in disguise for the bday girl. Note the reluctance of YY.

Sometimes we do entertain children and give them sweets. Oh so charitable.

No matter what, we are 3ers. And we are happy together. Missing: PS.



Blogger Nai Jiew Mil said...

eh thot u were typing in bm?
anyway. haha didnt realise it's only 2weeks. how come we are already so close to each other like dogs? (haha dog is the universal adjective!)or puppies if u wish. really think that we shld start a Day3er blog/msn group wadever.

but then.
we have never had a single moment. where everyone is present.

10:44 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

nai jiew mil,

dun be :(
sorry lah
sometimes i really can't go due to certain reasons.


10:51 PM  
Blogger w a n x i n said...

Haha puppies sound soooo cute!! Imagine a litter of puppies cuddling together! Surely so cuttteeee!
Hehe I don't like the idea of blog/msn cuz I hate the see it being abandoned eventually. Let's face this. No one will be puppies forever. *sobs* Let's just print our memories on the day diary.
I was typing in Malay in another reply to a comment la.
Dear SL, don't feel bad about your absence. The mugging group is only to facilitate our mugging. No one is forced to come if you prefer to study at other places or have other things to do. :)

1:52 PM  

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