Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Progress Report for Year 1 Sem 2

Interesting thing learn in:

Developmental Psychology:

Health is dependent on your lifestyle throughout your lifespan. I guess a lot of us are aware of this, but we don't take it seriously. I need better meals, better lifestyle (sleep early!) and more exercise! I don't fear death, but I do dread living sick.

Social Psychology:

Self-justification can lead to a mountain of irrational decisions to justify your initial silly decision. Cognitive dissonance too. It is the extreme discomfort you experience when you accidentally did something that doesn't reflect your values. Be aware of it, and get over it dispassionately.

Effective Communication:

Self-disclosure with people doesn't mean you disclose everything about you, like your weaknesses or negative traits.


English isn't the language with the most number of grammar rules. The number of grammar rules is directly proportional to the beauty of the language. So French and Chinese trump English (I'm not too sure if French trumps Chinese or the other way, cuz Chinese grammar to me is innate. But I'm sure it's a pretty language)

Statistics for Psychology:

Most of the things I learn throughout the course are actually talking about the same thing in different sense (And I spend a thousand brain cells dying for that simple formula). Still, I believe I will not appreciate the beauty of that simple formula have I not gone through the tormentous process of learning the variations and the sidetracks of it. Sounds like life huh. You will not realise how simple life can be have you not gone through the complicacies of it.

Brought-over progress report from Sem 1:

Chunking as a method to improve memory. This means you group information together into higher order unit to reduce the number of units you have to remember. For example, u n i t are 4 units of letters, but unit is 1 unit of word. It works really well when you chunk relevant pieces of information together to shorten the laundry list. There's no need to afraid you will forget the information within one unit. Remembering part of the information will activate the recall of the rest of the parts, if you chunk them well.

Other things I learn about


I have a special affection of smell, like the fragrance of rose, the smell of sunshine on my clothes, the smell of pre-rain and post-rain, the body butter, the specific smell of certain people (Did I hear 'yucks'? :p)


NTU is a freaking freaking lonely place if you don't have nice companions. But it's a freaking freaking fun place (esp the exams) if you are with nice companions!

my hall:

I am glad that I live in one of the prettiest block and the hall with one of the nicest study room. Big tables, spacious too.

my attitude for Psychology:

Fatal attraction. The fatal attraction is the very factor that makes you like the thing and the very factor that makes you hate the thing. I like Psy cuz it helps me to understand people better. And it's the very thing that I fear Psy will change me to become. Or rather, the thing people fear I will become. I don't want to be a Miss know-all. I don't want to be unconsciously manipulative.

Yours truly,

Wan Xin

Mentor of Wan Xin



Blogger SET said...

Hm... Good progress. Hehe... NTU seems to have enhanced your lameness

Btw, what are your holiday plans?

11:58 AM  
Blogger w a n x i n said...

Where got! This statement is unproven! I don't think any phase of my life is lamer than 73 times! And I don't think I've made good progress or written good progress report. I should churn out another better one soon.
Holiday? Loads of aiesec and msa foc stuff, plus work. sobs..

5:52 AM  

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