Saturday, April 14, 2007

When stereotype fails

It's amazing that we can hold persistent stereotype for people who we come little or no contact with, such as people from other countries or occupation. We shape our opinion based on media, which may not often be right.
Guess the construction site beside canteen was a good chance for me to see how a huge building is built. You see how each pillar and ceiling is built, how each nail is hit, how each material is transferred, how dangerous the working condition is for the workers, and how meticulous, co-operative, and in some way, elegant the workers are.

The site.

Day 1 of observation. The ceiling wasn't laid yet.

Day 2 of observation. The ceiling has been partially laid and is becoming the floor for the next storey.

A clearer picture of Day 2 of observation

Day 3 of observation. More parts done. And the pillars for the next storey are being constructed. It saddens me to see that they even have to work in rain. Note the thing in air. I often wonder, how if it falls or how if it lands on someone?

The dangerous sites. With no safety belts or whatsoever. The paths to walk are narrow. How if they fall? They must be as elegant as the gymnastics on the balance beam.

In every quiet corner, they are there working silently.

I don't like to think of why their working condition is dangerous and poorly equipped.

PowRABBIT the rabbit passed away today. Even though I haven't seen it before, I felt sad as well. It's been our class most famous heard-of pet. It's hard to imagine how you part with a companion that has faithfully stayed with you for almost a decade. Someone who witnessed your joy and sorrow, who saw you through your different phrases of life.
I hope Hailing will be ok soon..

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