Saturday, May 05, 2007

Bits and Pieces of Sweetness in MY Life

The hell is finally gone. Together with exams and the series of unfortunate events, I am glad that they are ALL gone.
Actually, life isn't that bad while mugging. It's just mug ang mug and mug. And what's nice about it? I have nice sweet company. May be it's now time to introduce the 3ers. They are actually my newest bunch of friends, all made when we joined Malaysian Students' Association Freshmen Orientation Camp 2007 programmers to plan for the programmes for Day 3. (That's why the name 3ers) Somehow the combination was just so nice, that we got really really close, and started mugging together. And now I understand what it means by sadness is halved when shared, but happiness doubled. It's really a rocking fun time with you all. Thank you! *muackz
And now, after exams are not pure fun. In fact, there are 101 things lining up for me to do. Learning more about AIESEC so that I can fulfill my role as InComing Exchange (ICX) VP, planning for orientation, meeting my dear AIESEC mentor, looking for jobs, and all those are on top of having fun! Wahaha.. life rocks when you get to enjoy fun yet have meaningful stuff to do. Like my situation now. Life's not all perfect now. I still have loads of doubts for a lot of things. I am less clear about what I want in life but I suppose that's normal, since I am still changing. But I've learnt to live with the uneasiness of uncertainty in life. ~
The series of unfortunate events, which were basically a series of really unlucky events. I experienced theft, a spoiled phone, couldn't take a paper, thought I only have $5 in my account... all in a month, WHEN I WAS HAVING MY EXAMS. Yes they made me miserable. But they also led me to see the preciousness of friendship. They were there when I was stressed, when I need help, when I'm in trouble. They helped, though they never missed the chance to insult me in return. But I really appreciate that. Thank you.
Life after exams. Chilled out with Psy friends for the first time! Then went to disturb Chen Hui at her workplace in Taka Dunhill. It was a brief but nice meeting! The next day saw me going through ICX training by senior till my brain was filled to the brim (which was just painstakingly emptied during the exams). Then the following day I went for job interview and got my interview skills challenged and sharpened. Then I met my AIESEC mentor. Learnt a lot about her about AIESEC about what we can gain from AIESEC about myself about what I don't know about myself about what I want to get from AIESEC about fashion about jap food about manicure about just stuff! There're so many takeaways from the brief 3 hour meeting. She's simply AWESOME! But I shall list down the one thing that will continue to motivate me in my life in AIESEC. Being in AIESEC allows you to do things you can almost do for a living. But what's the diff between doing in AIESEC and doing for living? You are allowed to make mistakes. Yeah.. working world isn't going to be as kind as of now in school. No one is going to comfort you for your failure. In fact, you have to be responsible and probably get sacked for your failure. That's why it's better to get trained here first. Be a professional student. Cool?
The day after I had movie marathon with 3ers. In one night, we watched 3 movies and 4 variety shows. Exhausting but yay! I got to watch the shows that I really wanna watch! The Pursuit of Happyness was touching, Da Vinci Code was bad but I don't think they could help it and it's just a show I wanted to watch for darn long time, and Devil Wears Prada is cool cool cool!
And today I had 2 meetings for camps, chat online with Fong Chi (we haven't chat for a century!), went to find out more about a job, did mini shopping with JY, witnessed the breakdown of Northeast MRT, walked from chinatown station to Outram station and chat a whole lot with JY in the return ride. Sweet. Came back started doing AIESEC documentation plus edit camp programme proposals.
And what's for tomorrow? 3ers' outing! yay! Can't wait for the fun. I shall continue my sets of questions.
Pardon me for this totally unstructured piece of entry. A lot of people actually commented that it's difficult to finish reading my entries. I'm sorry for that. Having this unstructured piece is against my standards but sometimes I just don't mind having an unstructured entry. As long as I registered down the bits and pieces of sweetness in my life.

Wonder if you can see what's written here using the remains of cheese. (This magnificent artwork was completed during one of those mugging days in 3ers cave.)


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