Monday, May 14, 2007


I am seeing lotsa examples where people dare to dream big and fly high.

I'm seeing Dee and Dei going to Ukraine and Russia for exchange, I'm seeing Celine set her path wild but made it, I'm seeing Han Ling and Jun Ming flying off to Russia for internships.

I do have big dreams. But like most others, I just continue dreaming. I enjoy sinking into the fantasy world of endless possibilities, thought I know at the back of my mind that it's only fantasy.

Now in AIESEC, I'm seeing how people can transform dreams into realities. How people actualise their dreams.

Now I'm not afraid of dreaming. I know dreams do come true and it's not fairy tale.

But somehow there's still this inertia in me. Somehow I'm still reluctant to step out to actualise my dreams. Like, am I going to apply for exchange? am I going to try becoming a facilitator for conference? These are the little dreams I have. But now I am not sure how badly I want it. Or will I bear to lose the things that I have to lost should I actualise my dreams. If I go on exchange, I will probably lose touch with people here while struggling to adapt. If I try taking up more responsibilities, I will probably get burnt out, and again, less time for friends and families.

I am still timid. I am still reluctant to change. And I don't know if I should change this mindset. I know opportunities are vast out there, should I first take action to grasp them. But, do I want to even reach out my hand?

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