Friday, May 11, 2007

Thinking product

'I don't think my employees like me.'

It was the dialog written on the cartoon stuck at the back of the door of a toilet cubicle in my hall (the geographical location sounds real long). Have always been thinking the meaning conveyed behind this phrasing of line for the past one semester. What's the difference between 'I don't think my employees like me' and 'I think my employees don't like me.'?

And in this fateful night, when I visited the same cubicle once more, the stuck thinking process was finally cleared. 'I don't think my employees like me', means that he doesn't think that his employees don't like him, but it's just that he didn't think that they like him. In other words, it means that he isn't sure whether his employees like him or not, but he isn't committing to the thinking that they don't like him. It's just that he's doubting the possibility of them liking him. But he hasn't thought that they don't like him. Whereas for 'I think my employees don't like me', it means that he has already swung to the other stand, committing to the thought that the employees don't like him.

The conclusion sounds simple and common sense? Somehow it arrived at my brain only after a semester of thinking. And I did seriously contemplate on this sentence. May be I am just slow. But hey, I find myself loving this kind of logical thinking. What major should this be called?

Have been working for almost a week for orientation camp preparation. It doesn't seem less busy than the exam days. We wake up late morning/afternoon, straightaway proceed to work, all the way till wee hours when we come home, tired, bathed, check mails, do necessary stuff like changing the programme proposal or AIESEC, fall asleep. My self-promised online learning, laptop spring cleaning and movie watching hasn't come true. Though the 3ers have together gone through one movie marathon. But I still want to watch 28 days later, Pirates II, an Inconvenient Truth, Death Note II and others! The days are just crazily busy.

But I am happy. I feel like I am actually doing some actual work! And I am seeing the product of our teamwork and labour! Though there were desperate moments when we struggled with time and budget, but it's really touching to see us producing real work, from the state when we have nothing. Absolutely nothing. Now we have games, we have ghost walk, we have recording, we have costumes. *tears rolling* My baby...

And life was especially fun with 3ers. I had my wildest fantasy come true. To watch a night of stars. With you all. On the pretty 5th May, we went to ECP and started biking, then dinner, roller blading (or should I call it falling), then meeting (at a pondok at ECP at 11pm!), then stars gazing! We spread the sleeping bag on the sands, then lied down together to look at the vast deep sky. The weather was great. The wind was strong but warm. The moon light was bright. The stars plenty. But the clouds were plenty as well. So they kept blocking the stars behind. It's ok. The clouds were equally pretty. We saw a really nice huge heart-shaped cloud! But it was quickly torn apart. From the middle somemore. Heartbroken. And a lot of questions were asked. All the way till people started falling asleep. It felt great falling asleep on the beach when you have a bunch of friends whom you know you can count on.

But I didn't sleep. The night was too pretty. But I received the consequence immediately after that. The morning after I had orientation camp main comm meeting. All the way till 4pm. 4pm was programmers meeting. Till 6.30pm. Then I had to conduct ghost walk briefing plus after-briefing meeting till 1am. Was barely hanging there with the help of nescafe. But I must admit I was only semi-conscious throughtout the main-comm meeting.

And we didn't get to rest enough after that as well. The next day was purchasing day. Finally I got to go Mustafa Centre. The place is amazingly big and have zillions number of things to sell. But what I like the most is their workers. Everyone of them, including the guard should win the company ambassador award. You can feel that they are truly working for Mustafa, not for the money. Lovely. But well, on that day, we had lunch at 6pm, dinner 12am. Interesting.

The day after was ghost walk preparation. Had a hell lot of fun recording sounds, taking pictures and playing with make ups. I have the urge to post the pictures here but I know I can't. It's private and confidential till July. But it was great fun, with great stress though.

Then it was test games for our programmes. Fun fun fun. I am sure freshies will like the games. And got to know the other programmers better. And got to go Orchard again! And passed by Hwa Chong and SCGS! Missing the place...

Orientation camp has taught me a lot. Not to mention the priceless friendship I got. It's the place where I try leading, which is a huge new challenge to me. I tried multitask. I tried holding meetings. I tried structuring life proper. I tried planning. I tried to create things from nothing. And I ain't good at them yet. There're still lots of rooms for improvement. Especially people relationship, emo management and leadership. I must learn to deal effectively with people of all sorts. Not just friendly ones. And I feel real bad wearing my dear subcomms out. Yes I still have to learn. And it feels good knowing what you want to learn!

Finally got the time and mood to blog. And now I shall go off. Need to replenish my sleep.

3ers at departure MRT. Missing: Yen Yah, Wai Hong, Kim.

My new nails as manicured.

The secluded beach at one end of ECP.

Where planes soar high and frequent.

Where I cast my name.

Where people sail their dreams.

A jie's fetish of kneeling in the middle of the road.

The early morning.

And you can still see the moon shining bright in the presence of the sun.

Huge pretty bottles of perfumes at Textile Centre where we squeezed our budget to the maximum.

Test game. Where group work comes into play.

Twisting and turning of straws to maximise air cushioning.

But eventually, the egg will break.

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Blogger Nai Jiew Mil said...

muahaha. my hand looks like it doesnt belong to me in the boonlay photo. and then. i want all the photos!!! (:

and i feel so lazy to blog about all the days that 3ers spent together and at the same time scared of losing them as memory...

11:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

i thought there are lots more pic that u took?so the pic u posted are among the best?so proud to be one of them :)
jus realise almost all day3er boys fell sick (if baba excluded haaa). take care everyone!


3:39 PM  
Blogger w a n x i n said...

to weijian,
yeah.. i don't want to force myself to blog, but I am afraid of losing the wonderful memories. I am not even sure if it'll last. I'm that unsecured. But still I don't want to force myself to blog. The feel won't be there. Was just happy that I found my mood to blog that night. Or rather, that morning.
Haish.. we had too much memories. But well, I believe if we can remember childhood well, if we can remember the happy times we had back in sec sch days, there's no reason why we cannot remember uni times well un-blogged. Yes may be the memory is a little more intensive. But long-term memory is limitless. You can count on that.
Depend on FEEL, not reason, when blogged. Wahaha...

3:47 AM  
Blogger w a n x i n said...

no la.. dun wanna post so many pics.. bore people. Or you all want more? then i post more on the same entry. Hehe.. finally you look good in the pic. From f a r r r ! Wahaha.. kidding kidding. I actually got a nicer closer pic of you playing with water but thought you would receive too much publicity here. May be I would consider putting it up IF YOU PAY ME. Deal or no deal?
Wai Hong fell sick as well? Haish.. poor thing poor thing. Take care leh.. please please please. Health is important for yourselves. Rest rest rest. Don't help me when you guys need rest. Take care~
weijian take care too!

3:53 AM  

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