Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Where I am, where I am heading

"mayb u should spare like 30 minutes to do some reflection...."

That was what SY told me to do today.

Yeah he's right. The experience I received this semester was so intense and varied. I greeted one welcome, greeted the next one welcome before saying farewell to the previous one. Cool nice awesome experience kept flooding in and now I found myself in a loss trying to make sense of everything. To modify a quote from Miss Ho in her AIDS presentation, 'where am I? Where am I heading?'

"no point keep on absorbing and not do reflection on what u have done..."

Well said indeed.

I need a time amidst everything to settle down, and consolidate all my experience, to know what I have learnt, how my interests have changed, what I am lacking in and needs improvement, what opportunities lie ahead of me that I want to grab, what do I want to learn in the coming academic year.

I need to know what I want badly, what I need to let go to compromise, and to draw up a strategy map, should I decide to let myself over-involve again.

But before that, I need to get things in my mind clearer. It's like a library which has just purchased ten shelves of books of all variety, all sprawling on the floor, at the same time toppled the existing shelves of books. I need to be that librarian. Have the patience and determination to rearrange them. It will be tough, but it will be cool.

Dear Celine, sorry for not able to come up with my learning plan now. I will update you once I do my spring cleaning.

But right now, welcome to Singapore, dear sis!

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