Monday, June 04, 2007

It wasn't hard to stand it

I stood 36 hours in 4 days.

Hmm.. now it doesn't seem that impressive as I wrote the previous sentence. But well, my four days working as a camcorder promoter for PC fair has been more of a fun enjoyable challenge rather than a torture as what I previously thought.

Yes there were
desperate moments when my team mates outperformed me,
frustrating moments when there exist customers who have nothing better to do than to disturb promoters and I happened to be the victim,
disappointing moments when customers promised me they will buy but varnished eventually,

but there were also
sweet moments when customer sang praise to my boss,
touching moments when customers came back to inform me of their decision to not buy it (I made one promised to come back, even if he didn't want it),
surprising moments when my AIESEC friends and JY and WK and my family attacked me at the booth,
fun moments when we tried to psycho the customer with combined team forces,
exciting moments when I closed 2 deals in last 10 minutes,
rewarding moments when our commission were doubled on the last day after hitting a target.

These memorable moments were coupled with enriching moments when I chat with the directors over dinner. It was just happened that I met them during dinner time when we hid behind the booth for leg and tummy relief. They told me things ranging from the history of NTU to future of Singapore when 'the old man dies' to their work experiences. It's like listening to enchanting story telling.

Four days.
I have tried to beat my supervisor's saying that guys close more deals.
I have practised my bilingual skills for professional speaking.
I have tried to source out potential customers through their looks.
I have tried to maintain mo qi with my team mates though I barely know them. And we sometimes clashed in our speech.. *sigh*
I have tried to speak loud enough to beat the stupid O2 and Seagate MCs-on-mic yet sustainable enough to not get a sorethroat or ulcer though I think I have failed. I may get the retribution soon.
I have tried to practise effective communication despite intimidating interferences.
I have tried to practise my persuading skills such that I persuade yet I tell them the truth. Which includes the weaknesses of the camcorders.

I have tried.

I have been happy.

It was great.


Anonymous Ling said...

seems very enriching leh your these 4 days experience... at first i tot a sales job cant possibly be very rewarding one... now have to change my thinking le... actually every job can be rewarding if we put in efforts in it... but muz have a nice boss to start with so that our lives wun be hellish :P

1:47 AM  
Blogger w a n x i n said...

wahaha.. yalor. Meaning in work is for you to find. You can still find meaning in work with hellish boss la.. like an experience of being fired without a reason. But nonetheless, a bad experience is still an experience to experience. I've calmed down much after these few days of complaining. My life will go on as smoothly even with her interruption!

5:04 PM  

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