Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Life's Touching Moments

  1. When mummy gets you a dustbin all the way from home!
    On 2 June 07.

  2. When a customer walked his talk by coming back to you to inform you of his intention NOT to buy your promoted camera.
    I made an uncle promised that, asking him to come back and inform me even if he doesn't want it. I made a bet he won't. Like many others. But he did. On 2 June 07.

  3. When people sacrificed their sleep to help you move house, just so that you can sleep earlier.
    PS and K and WP helped me to clean new room and transported every mess from old room. On 23 May 07.

  4. When friends help you to receive your sister-on-visit everyday and even prepared picnic for them.
    3ers who helped to entertain my sister and friend when they came to visit me. And even went shopping and sandwich making for them. On 19 May 07.

  5. When friends helped you to realise your childhood dream.
    3ers who were game enough to take my suggestion of camping over at ECP to see a night of stars. On 5 May 07. Truly memorable..

  6. When you finally located a song you heard ONCE 6 years ago and never after that but left an incredibly clear impression in you.
    彭羚 - 水温 Found on 23/4/07 when first and last heard on a peaceful late night in year 2001.

  7. When your friend ferried me back to hall after putting up a night beside the Clarke Quay river so that I don't faint halfway.
    YT on 9 August 06.

  8. When your friend stayed up with you till late at night when you have problems registering for universities.
    YT who put up with his sleepiness when I was most troubled. On March 2006. Thanks..

  9. When your friend cross-stitched your favourite cartoon character for you in the midst of A Levels preparation.
    CF who cross-stitched a big piece of Tweety for me. In October 05.

  10. When friends came down to support your competition even though it means paying ticket for it.
    73s were came down to support my song writing competition in the midst of prelims preparation and when I had so little confidence about it. On September 05.

  11. When mummy affirmed her unconditional support when you are super stressed.
    Countless times.. In Jan 05 when I was most stressed for J2, throughout 06 when I was choosing my course.

  12. When your friend woke up in the middle of the sleep and waited for you while you are being reprimanded in the hostel office in the middle of the night.
    MH who sacrificed his sleep - something that he treasured almost the most. In 2003.

  13. When parents came over to visit you just to celebrate your birthday when you couldn't be back for that.
    In 2002.

I am a blessed girl. In this world full of unfortunate and unpredictable events.

And now it's time to ask myself. If I have contributed any to others' life's touching moments.


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