Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Ohana lingers

It's been 3 days since Ohana ended. From burning at least 3000 kcal a day down to about 1000kcal. From having no time of being clean except sleeping time to staying squeaky clean whole day. From having 3 hours of sleep to 16 hours of sleep. The time was rocking good.

Though long anticipated, I didn't know freshmen orientation camp (FOC) arrived so quickly. Within the blink of an eye. And shorter than a blink of an eye, it's gone again. Within that two weeks, there were endless briefing, trial camp, more planning, more briefing and alas, the actual foc. I had no time to breathe, no time to hesitate, no time to procrastinate. I only know how to move forward and more forward to be ahead of time so that by the time it is gone, I will have more memory to cherish.

This, of course, didn't turn out as planned. There were a thousand and one things I didn't think about before the actual day. By then, I could only let everything go by instinct at that second. Thanks for everyone's help, I pulled through the day. I know I didn't have the best for the day, but I've already done my best. Together with my team and everyone else. There are always something I can improve on, but hey, I am learning still ok? At least now I know what I have to improve on. Human's worst fear is not about what they don't know, it's about what they don't know they don't know.

I have just thrown away a stack of my proposals, plans, and micromanagement. *ouch* The thick pile has just gone to show how much effort each and everyone of us has put in to concretise an FOC from absolutely nothing. The theme, the groups, the games, the cheers, the ghost walk, the lost day, the sentosa, the buses, the materials, the people. It's touching to see freshies enjoying themselves dancing, talking, doing administrative stuff, playing in the setting designed by us. *tears welling up* I couldn't bear to part with them, but I know I have to. My room has been so messy that it's almost unrecognisable. At least I have them in soft copies.

Pull everything down to concrete terms. FOC started at a blast on 23rd July. We were tired, but worst of all, still fear of the ever-changing weather. The turn out was unbeatedly enormous this year, almost double of the norm we had. Of course there were some panic here and there, but I think everyone handled well. There was a sense of nostalgia when I see the freshies coming in.. Wonder how many of them share the same path I had. Had fun talking to them, but the time was seriously too little. The programmers couldn't get their hands dirty as we had to keep planning in the background. I was in charge of Day 3 where there was a combined morning with Association of Malaysia Chinese Independent School Alumni, followed with some games in the afternoon, and a ghost walk at night. I was happy that most freshies were fooled that it was a night to spend with their SP (secret pal). We had a hard time changing the way we address the event from 'ghost walk' to 'SP walk'. Handled a freak case too for a freshie who couldn't take the shock. Delivered a lot of biscuits newater and milo for the ghosts from level 1 to level b5 via stairs. Kept walking and jumping around till every muscle is sore and my voice is gone. So tired that I thought I would collapse in the next second, but I didn't. Now I know how far human can stretch themselves. We are stronger than what we thought.

Learnt a lot in FOC. I discovered my weaknesses and made an ohana of programmers. That's happy enough.

Thank you everyone. I know as programmers, we have had our own complains to swallow. But let's just be true to ourselves. Everything experience is a great experience should we have learnt something from it.

Expecting... pictures to pour in.

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Sunday, July 22, 2007

It's been so long since I last blogged that blogger signed me out. Nevermind.. Have been trying to get the max rest at home and when I'm back, have been crazily busy trying to make my programme a success for orientation. Wrote proposal, briefed people, realised need to change plan, re-recce, re-wrote proposal, re-briefed people, re-plan set up, realised need to change again......Haven't been with my comp for more than 1 hour a day except to write proposal that I know will be changed again really soon. Have had so little sleep that one day I just collapsed and 55 miss calls failed to wake me up. Have been so tired that what I felt like doing was just to cry and yet I can't do it as I have to set an example for the rest. Have had so little time to eat. Have been running around NTU so many times esp the same route over and over again. Have called and sms and mass sms so many people. Have made so many friends. Have cheered so many times. Have been meeting and briefing so many different portfolios. Have pushed myself beyond what I thought I could. Have hadn't eaten for 24 hours as I was so busy. Have been so tired that I could collapse while standing. Yet, I am discovering more about myself and learning so much from the others. There were so many moments of touch when people extend their care and concern selflessly to others while they themselves were dead tired. Have been irritated by people. Yet, I am enjoying it. :)

Let's hope that FOC will be a success despite the threatening rain. We will get there. Together.

Seriously, thank you 3ers. Love ya all.

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