Sunday, July 22, 2007

It's been so long since I last blogged that blogger signed me out. Nevermind.. Have been trying to get the max rest at home and when I'm back, have been crazily busy trying to make my programme a success for orientation. Wrote proposal, briefed people, realised need to change plan, re-recce, re-wrote proposal, re-briefed people, re-plan set up, realised need to change again......Haven't been with my comp for more than 1 hour a day except to write proposal that I know will be changed again really soon. Have had so little sleep that one day I just collapsed and 55 miss calls failed to wake me up. Have been so tired that what I felt like doing was just to cry and yet I can't do it as I have to set an example for the rest. Have had so little time to eat. Have been running around NTU so many times esp the same route over and over again. Have called and sms and mass sms so many people. Have made so many friends. Have cheered so many times. Have been meeting and briefing so many different portfolios. Have pushed myself beyond what I thought I could. Have hadn't eaten for 24 hours as I was so busy. Have been so tired that I could collapse while standing. Yet, I am discovering more about myself and learning so much from the others. There were so many moments of touch when people extend their care and concern selflessly to others while they themselves were dead tired. Have been irritated by people. Yet, I am enjoying it. :)

Let's hope that FOC will be a success despite the threatening rain. We will get there. Together.

Seriously, thank you 3ers. Love ya all.

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