Monday, August 27, 2007

It's been so long since I last blogged here. Real long as compared to my past. Shh shut the past off! But it just feels weird not to update the me here.

School has started for 3 weeks since then. As expected, it's crazily busy. But it was crazy with a purpose. Crazy, yet I am clear.

Went for a wow, mind-blowing, tranforming course called Landmark Forum over the first weekend. Shan't talk about it here, but if you are interested in transforming your life into a life you love, contact me and I'll tell you what I've got from the forum.

Went for sister's convocation in Penang over the second weekend. I am so glad that she has graduated. It felt touching seeing her being happy and satisfied. It's good to also see her being tossed and being her cameragirl for her such precious moments!

Was being suddenly summoned to be the emcee for Merdeka Night which will take place next Saturday. Having a lot of fun coming up with things to talk. I will breakthrough from my fear. And yeah, what baby said is probably right, 'Transform your fear into excitement!' The stage shall be my test space for emcee-ing.

I have 20 things on my list now waiting to be completed. It's difficult to compete with my dreams, but I keep motivating myself. If others can do it, it means that there's a way to do it. I can do it as well.

I will be the possibility I created. :)

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