Saturday, September 15, 2007

My Course of Allergy

Reason for Allergy: Alcohol Intolerance. According to the web, my body lacks the necessary enzyme alcohol dehydrogenase to break down the toxic of alcohol.

Reason for the mishap: Moments of impulse. It was skulling (beer drinking competition) during JumpStart! (AIESEC Orientation Conference). Moments of impulse and sense of invincibility took over my rationalism (if there's ever one). I drank 3 small cups. 2 cups of tiger and 1 cup of raspberry drink which I happen to know later that it contains alcohol as well.

Course of allergy:
Counting till now: 7 days.
First day: I know I invited trouble when I started seeing unusual goosebumps on my body. These goosebumps only occurred on skin that's covered with clothes. So on the exterior I looked perfectly fine. In the morning it was like hell. The covered skin were red hot, flooded with countless red rashes and red dots that threatened to burst out of skin. Yes the skin surface was hot, but I was feeling icey cold inside. So cold that my hands have to be kept warm by my friends. And I sunbathed while everyone was happily seeking comfort under the fan.
I attempted to resist the urge to scratch the itch which was all over. I know once I broke the perseverance, the itch will develop into a fatal pandemic of EXTREME itchiness. But situation refused to get better even though I didn't scratch. So itchy that it turned painful, like needle pricks. I couldn't sleep at night and all I wanted was to cry..
Day 2 and Day 3: Went to school with my aloe vera packed in the bag. So tempted to use it to soothe the itch while attending lectures and running my study. But I couldn't. And cuz I MUST NOT scratch, I started slapping the itchy part in an attempt to soothe it. So I kept slapping myself and I must have looked like aged old lady trying to slap her aching joints.
Day 4: Things got better, or so I thought. But in the evening, I broke the resistance to scratch. And after that was hell. I scratched so badly that patches of skin bulged up like skin being bitten by caterpillar. And the heat flushed up again.
Day 5: The rashes weren't visible anymore, but itch lingers EVERYWHERE.
Day 6: Finally I dare to resume my jogging ritual as I thought the toxic would have been slowly removed out of my body. Jogged the longest ever. Then.. itch came back! I'm still fighting with it now as I am typing. *sigh*

Conclusion: I seriously have absolutely no tolerance towards alcohol!

Diagnosis: Wan Xin should be banned on skulling.

The Skulling at Sembawang Park. It's like a relay race. First partcipant drinks finish then tap on the next person. Basically the contestants have to place their chin and fingers on the table until it's their turn to drink. There's this tradition that it's a sin to waste alcohol. So team gets disqualified should we spill. Don't understand why I refused to take the substitute Coke.

Variation of Skulling. This is in Hong Kong during the party in Ripples Conference Jan 07. Memories.. Managed to not drink then.

Jump Start! conference. Where I made friends and had fun and learned and renewed myself.

International friendship borned. With Vietnamese AIESECers.

Post conference dinner + farewell dinner for Grace Yuan our helping AIESECer from China.

Look like she's having a lot of fun?

Of course she does. At the weirdest place. :p



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