Friday, November 16, 2007





Anonymous Anonymous said...

too stressed? try to relax each inch of muscle without thinking of exam while does help.

jia you!looking forward to post-exam outing ^^

4:36 PM  
Anonymous darling~ said...

oh my.. this is not good, dear~..
try not to think so much before u sleep.. try drinking some warm milk at night, it may help.. dun get too high or too stressed up before bedtime, put urself in a relax mood..
a suggestion from my roomie: try to do yoga if possible! just close ur eyes, take deep breathes, clear ur mind thoroughly and 静坐 for a while... it's effective! hopefully it'll have the same effect on u too.. =)
really hope ur problem will be gone soon!! all the best ya!! take lotsa care!! =) exam will be over in just a few days time, after which we can go scream our lungs out lee!! =D

12:59 PM  
Blogger w a n x i n said...

I know it's not good. Do you think I want it myself?

But I am sorry darling~, I can't seem to locate who you are, due to many darlings I gathered at different social contexts. *blushes* Tend to think that you are yy, but wonder if ur roomie really recommend yoga.

And 436 anon, are you sl or wp? Sounds like either one.

4:34 PM  
Anonymous yy said...

i'm yy! haha yes she really recommended that.. lolz.

7:09 PM  
Anonymous i definitely not one of ur darling~ said...

not me leh. i also experinced this kind of situation b4 when i was in form 5. wanna sleep early n wake up early but failed to do it. lied on the bed. closed my eyes but can't sleep. then when i know that it was the time to sleep, i started feeling very scared, scared i can't sleep again. this problem became very serious during exam period. then my dad sought help from a chinese physician. he said i 肝火盛-- that can cause difficulty to sleep well even though feeling very tired. then he recommended me to take a kind of chinese medicine. that one really helped leh. however, i lost the recipe of the medicine. nowadays, i did wad darling said in order to sleep well.

7:54 PM  
Anonymous i'm definitely not one of ur darlings~ said...


7:55 PM  

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