Wednesday, November 21, 2007

It's just another paper wat..

I had 2 papers today, 1.5 hours of break in between my two each 2.5 hours papers.

15 minutes before my second paper which was French, I suddenly was struck by panic. Just felt extremely scared and nervous about the paper. Not wanting to bring such emotions into my exam hall, I signed into MSN and looked for friends for comfort. I found Sherene.

When telling her about me panicking and asked for calming words, her words were:

"It's just a paper. Not a matter of life and death what."

These words struck upon me, and immediately,

I felt calm.

Yeah it's just a paper. Why am I making such a fuss out of it? It's just another task to do, just like the rest of everyday's life tasks, that demand you to do your best. Am I not doing my best in everyday life? If I am, it's just the same attitude I have to have for exams. Since everyday life doesn't make me panic, why should this other task?

Wendy from Landmark asked me before if I have a story for exams. I didn't understand what she meant then. Exams are exams what. What stories would I have of it? I am not like extremely fearful of it, nor do I detest it. Now I do understand. I do have a story about exams, that they are extremely important and put my life extremely at stake.

Now, not that I think exams are not important. They are still EXTREMELY IMPORTANT and PUT MY LIFE AT STAKE. But I do also realise that I view other life tasks as important too. Just that the attitude is different, and I don't feel the same anxiety for everyday tasks, like meeting friends, meeting companies or attending lessons. I need to change my emotions towards exams. I need not feel scared about it while I prepare my best for it. It's just another life task.

If the same sentiment struck you sometimes, hope this sharing has enlightened you a little. It's just a paper what. Not a matter of life and death!

Thanks Sherene~



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