Wednesday, November 14, 2007

What my roomie pays her schools fees for

Out of boredom, I snatched my roomie's Thermal Physics textbook to read. And see what I read from this very reputable course:

Small numbers are small numbers.
Large numbers are much larger than small numbers.
Very large numbers are even larger than large numbers.

Haha I totally understand huh. And that's worth paying 6k per sem to study for. Might as well give it to me. I can teach her how to say lame jokes and that's more meaningful.

By the way, she doesn't study early childhood education. She does P.H.Y.S.I.C.S.

Mind me, I am not insulting Physics or her or anybody studying or researching on this field.

By the way, while jogging out of NTU, our first time journey to the west of NTU (means turn left when you exit NTU at Jalan Bahar), she was being chased by a dog. Haha. Oops that's not funny at all. I can witness that.

We were being stared by the malicious dogs on our way back. To be cautious, we decided to jog on the central partition instead. (I need to take my exam uninjured tomorrow) Who knows once we started crossing the road the dogs started running madly at us. I crossed the next road to reach the opposite side (almost got knocked down by a white car), to see at my horror the dog chasing at my roomie who was helplessly running. The dog was like so close to her, about 30cm away at most.

Luckily the owner came out on time to whistle and summon the dogs back. Else we're probably at NUH now.

Poor roomie. She's suffering from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder now. I am just exaggerating. But the 1 minute was real scary. Enough to keep us talking about it till night.

Anyway, people should try to jog that direction seriously. If you can jog for 3km there, you will be able to see amazing side of Singapore, the emergency runway. No high-rise buildings, only greenery and tranquility, together with cemetries. Perfect place to see sunset with the widest sky you can ever have in Singapore.

Yes so imagine us being tired from our 6km run, still have to run even faster to escape the dogs.

End of story. First paper in 10 hours time. Wish me luck.



Anonymous yy said...

woww... what an experience!! scary neh.. poor ps.. should be ok by now le ba?? haha.. take care oh!! ^^

1:01 PM  
Blogger w a n x i n said...

hey yy,

Yeah quite an amazing experience huh. She's alright le I guess. Still scared of dogs and cats now though hoho.

But seriously the view is good! If you want we can jog there again! See the serenity that we cannnot see.

4:27 PM  

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