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Life updates

It's been so long since I wanted to post something here WITH PICTURES. But logic and reason told me that I better focus on my exams and do something good for myself. So I held back and held back and pictures piled and piled. Then after exams the motivation to put up pictures disappeared totally. Until the miracle that happened yesterday, that inspired me to blog again!

Let me have the honour to announce the miracle that we as 3ers created yesterday, dating between 1 Dec to 2 Dec. We wanted a night cycling, and we actually found a date between everyone's heavy commitment to go cycling together! Then we wanted to cycle to Orchard, and we were actually undaunted by the cars and the night and the lack of knowledge of Singapore road connection to make it all the way to Orchard! From ECP! Then we wanted to rush back to see sunshine at ECP, and we actually made it back within 1.5 hours! Wahaha it was just so fun.

We started off from ECP at 11+pm, out to Moutbatten Road, then Old Changi Road, then Geylang (where we had some good food and a lot of interesting food for the eyes). then Kallang Road then Victoria Street then finally Orchard Road at 430am! For the last stretch, we were happily exploiting the roads blocked out for Standard Chartered Marathon (which is to be held on 2Dec) for our own use. Couldn't imagine how much fun and gan3 dong4 we had when we finally reached Orchard. Sore butt, sore hands and legs, tired eyes, but we screamed down the streets from Plaza Singapura to Wisma Atria like juvenile delinquents. We must have scared the pedestrians away. Imagine at 4am in the morning a bunch of kids screaming and speeding down the streets. Hehe..

Our return journey was amazingly fast. By 6am and we were all lying on the sands under the dawn, TOTALLY beaten. That included our little lost as the police won't allow us to use the roads blocked anymore and we had to make a detour that made us ended up at Tanjong Katong. And we actually cycled up a flyover! Which contributed to our more tired butt and legs and hands.

But we achieved it, we've actually did the things we didn't believe we can do it. That feels great. We are still young, not resigned and cynical, believing in the impossible and actually do it. Haha may be too much praise for this little milestone. Ok I shall shut up then.

The cycling team. This picture took us forever to take as not everyone can freeze for 2 seconds.

The refill for stomach. Geylang food is ex... Picture courtesy to Wei Jian.

The most dangerous part of our cycling journey: sharing the same track as the cars on the bustling roads. PCTWJ.

Do we look like the wall artists? Sadly they aren't done by us.

We were here when the balloons were down.

We were here when the Hotel got a little quieter.

We were here when the streets were empty.

We were here when the museum was closed.

Our last stop at Orchard. Finally! This one, everyone actually froze for 13 seconds! Amazing!

Finally we met the sunrise. Don't we look like hopeful bunch of youths? PCTWJ.

It feels good to see the sun. PCTWJ.

Previous episode. After my exams, I went home and it's just so nice that there's a concert going on right one the date I arrived. Actually it would be nice if my sister didn't have free tickets. Yep so my sister got free tickets for a whole bunch of us and voila! We were there watching 光良、品冠、张惠妹、梁静茹、张震岳 etc with 10000 others on a horse racing field. The music was great, just unfortunately I didn't enjoy it fully as I was constantly distracted by my sore feet. We stood there for 6 hours, before that I was shopping in Midvalley Megamall, and the day before, shopping along Orchard. Should have prepared myself better for this amazing night!

Me and my brother's gf in front of 温胜光 the Derrick-look-alike!

光良 charmed the crowd with his 童话、约定and other new songs like 不会分离。His voice sounds exactly like the recording. And at 童话,the crowd sang so loud that we drowned out the music, and he sang off key! :S

梁静茹led the crowd in using handphone light to create light wave in 宁夏。

张惠妹! No wonder she's the big star for this concert. Her performance was the last, but the crowd was waiting for her, and she didn't let anyone down! She sang with passion, zeal and action! Truly a 天后。

The stage after it's emptied.

Everyone who attended.

More previous episode. On 18th - 22nd October, I was at Malaysia again! This time attending an Asia-Pacific AIESEC conference called the Heroes! Met people from everywhere like the Bangladesh, Japan, China, Indonesia, Vietnam etc. The AIESECers were simply amazing in their work. Got fired up again about AIESEC, and we want to be the generation which raises AIESEC Singapore's profile.

My group. Clockwise from me: Mya from Indo, Jean-Nic the group leader and the Asia Pacific External Relations Director, Pinky from Hong Kong, Masaki from Japan, Tanvir from Bangladesh, Won from Korea. Glad I can still remember their names!

The skulling, again! With a little difficulty as we had to stand at the back of the chairs, because if we sit, a lot won't be flexible enough to put their chin on the table, which is the rule. As seen in the picture, thumbs on the table is a rule too. This time I remembered to drink only coke and no beer.

Random paperwork and the silver gossip box in the middle of my boat! Starring from left: Ipshita from Bangladesh, me and Grace from Singapore.

Me and Lisa from Hong Kong against Twin Tower at AIESEC Malaysia Awards Night (AMAN). It was a night where AIESEC Malaysia bring together all their stakeholders and gives out prestigious awards to distinguished students and chapters. The night was so grand and glam, like prom night, just that they have much nicer food than prom night!

Got a little crazy with the rose haha! Me and Csili from Hungary, AIESEC Malaysia LC Development, a super pretty girl!

The AIESEC Singapore delegates in our best pose!

Group shot with some of the many delegates.

More previous episode. Various birthday celebrations for 3ers. A time to drain our creative juice and to be nice!

Koko's birthday. We gave him moonCAKE!

Everyone with She Weay without Yi Zhen and Hui Ling.

Wai Hong's birthday. As it's right before exams, we only celebrated with McDonalds' delivery. But we did make it creative too! Got the driver to call him and told him it's special delivery from McD for the birthday boy. Haha. As for taima, we made her come to our room by telling her that jie was crying and I didn't know what to do. Then we hid her McD in the blanket together with jie. So by the time she came and tried to open the blanket, she got herself a surprise! Just that once she saw McD she was more interested with McD than jie's crying...

A little forward episode. On Deepavali, I went with my friends in the Landmark Forum In Action Series to Sungei Buloh. A 21 years old, 2 28 years old and 1 48 years old. Interesting combination huh! Keith the 48 was nice enough to pick me up from Hall. It was drizzling in the morning, but we were unstoppable and unreasonable. So we just went straight ahead, and the rain stopped! Cool huh!

The view was great. Never see Singapore landscape that low before. Heard crocodiles when we were on the bridge but it was gone before we could see it. Saw interesting birds too. Stupid me didn't expect mosquitoes in mangrove, and went with no guard. Ended at miserably with lots of mosquito bites which scarred me till now.. *sobs* No more clean legs for a long period of time.

The serenity and the modernity.

The interesting people who went with me.

Not forgetting this little unlawful visitor too!

A peek to Malaysia landscape. A tinge of home...

Bring nothing back but memories.. perhaps some mosquito bites too...

Next up was exam preparation. Nothing much, just stress, time management, self management and papers. Glad it's over, glad I've learned a lot during that period. A lot of ups and downs then, hopefully it's all over.

Random shot of the mess on my table.

What I took when I couldn't fall asleep. Featuring 15 sec shutter speed.

Cooked a lot recently. Experimented with the knowns, the unknowns. Gladly all turned well and edible and delicious! Sadly that's probably all we got to cook with my roomie, as the fridge will no longer be ours by the time next sem comes.

The ingredients.

The meal!

Spaghetti. Wel, the presentation isn't there, but the quality is definitely saliva-tempting!
Sometimes 果果 would like to have it too! Featuring the smallest carrot we had.

Our colourful vegetable soup.

Our best success! Pita bread!

Stuff with goodness!

Parting picture. Try to find 3 pigs in this picture!

-The End-
Thanks if you stayed.

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