Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Executive Board Runaway!

Today I am in a better mood to properly blog my holiday at Cameron Highlands. The EB (or in other clubs known as management comm) decided to leave the concrete forest and entered the real deep mysterious forest for a retreat, to give ourselves a rest after working so hard for AIESEC. So we ran away from all the work, issued our notice of absence, and voom! We are at Cameron Highlands even before recess week starts.

I always have this liking for Cameron: its weather, its living pace, its culture, its landscape. And after almost one and a half year, I am finally there again! Memories flooded back.... This time, the company feels really great (Just like last time). Everyone let down their hair, and we had to abide by the law of 'No FAT (F***ing AIESEC Talk)', cuz it is just so natural that we will discuss or talk something about it. So yep, this time, no FAT, only friendship. We have been working so hard that this aspect is kind of underdeveloped. Time to improve neh...

And so this trip was on. We checked into a simple but clean and decent apartment, paid RM20 and we were on our way visiting all sorts of farms: rose centre, self-plucking strawberry park, honeybee park and butterfly park. The trip was a little rush, as the tourguide is really interested in letting us move on to the next park than letting us have the luxury to take A LOT OF self-entertaining pictures. But we still managed to squeeze in a lot of fun in each park.

At night, after all the crazy fun we had with mafia and cards, I had my little quiet and peaceful time with music, then with moonlight and cool breeze and warm rose tea and friend and heart-to-heart talk. But perhaps it was because of this... that something happened the next day. KIV

The next day, I contacted Nash who was my tourguide the last time I was in Cameron, and we attempted Gunung Brinchang! The highest mountain in Cameron, standing tall at 6666 feet. I was initially a little apprehensive about suggesting trekking, as I wasn't sure how receptive others will be to this idea. But luckily everyone turned out loving it! *phew* The trip was tough, but super fun walking through the branches and the roots and stepping on bouncy leafy forest floor. Got to know the forest a little better again!
When we were back down from Gunung Brinchang, Nash decided that we should have the easier path of walking down the tar road and have a view of the tea plantation. The route turned out to be painfully long, and the hot sun wasn't helping at all! I was attacked by acute sore throat, and couldn't speak throughout the journey. Means no self-entertaining. Means more painful. Luckily the guys eventually decided to sacrifice themselves and sing aloud crazily.

My sorethroat then worsened itself into a full-blown fever, with flu and sore muscles and cough. I couldn't join them to go temple and had steamboat dinner. Something that I really sad about. But there was nothing I could do but sleep. Then I recovered slightly at 11pm and started joining them back for card games. Everyone was really caring to me... They tested my temperature, bought dinner for me, comforted me, bought panadol and pipagao for me cuz I couldn't walk, and actually held me when I walked! *touched* I got to see the nice nice side of everyone through this incident. *touched again* Nothing to say but touched.

I think the card game went all the way till morning but I went to sleep at around 4 as I was too tired, and forced myself to sleep. Scared that my fever will return, and it is a big no-no cuz I have to return home tomorrow on my own! Yep so in the morning, I left the cosy apartment, and walked back to Shell station alone... Feeling that tinge of sadness that I have left all of them. Really sad.. The trip is fun but too short. And I wonder when we can have it again. There were some people I didn't know well, but it didn't matter cuz the trip bought everyone closer. And I got to see everyone not from the working point of view. We got to know each other better (for the better or worse haha), even though there was no spotlight session. Hmm.. I don't know what else to say.. but yeah.. hope for another trip again. :)

Us on the way to Cameron!

Our cosy apartment where this cosy famiy spent time for 2 days.

The exterior may look a little not appetizing.. But the price is good!

And the surrounding is pretty!

At rose centre. With lots of roses. Since I have posted some rose pictures in my last entry for Cameron, I shall post something different.

The Snow White and the 7 dwarfs. The President and his 7 accompanying EBs.

The scenery.

Must must remember to pose one.

Girls too must pose!

Let's fly there together!

Me and my managers for Incoming Exchange Department.

At Butterfly Park. With lots of beautiful flowers.

At honeybee farm. Garden of sunflowers.

At self-plucking strawberry park. I am very satisfied with this picture. In fact, it is my desktop picture now. Very refreshing neh..

Agree that this is a very nice picture!

Couldn't stop plucking the strawberries. Sadly they were all wasted due to our brutal treatment. So xin tong!

The very pretty love birds and Sylvester at the back. The white blue bird was actually pursuing one of the green yellow bird while being in a relationshpi with another green yellow bird. Very drama. Enjoyed watching it but didn't have more time!

I went for my first ever massage! Painful, and I was tensed during the massage. But shiok!

Nash our nature guide explaining the wonders of nature, how to stay alive in forest etc.

In the midst of deep forest. In sync with nature and animals and plants.

This is where help and trust is fostered.

The trek got steeper..

and challenging! But we're lovin' it!

Finally we reached the peak! But then to get the best view, we had to climb up this watch tower.

The scenery is the reward. The exercise we gained and the trust we built too!

Reach out!

Panaromic view of tea plantation. Endless. How nice will it be if I can spend the entire day here on my own under a nice tree.

Introducing Nash our nature guide!

This is the person whom I stole the cap from. He is Allison, an exchange student from McMaster University in Canada. AIESECer too!

Believe me for my dreams!

The very tired us after 5 hours of climbing up and down. After this it was 2 more hours.

See how tall wild banana trees can grow. Makes me wonder how high a human can reach if he is uninhibited.

And everyone just loves to pose for pictures throughout the journey. Introducing the very important stick which helped Dominic to trek through the forest. This is called Dominic, an exchange student from Hong Kong University. In fact, the AIESEC president there.

I am amazed by how deep a forest landscape can be. It's composed of different different layers!

Us under a very pretty tree in a very pretty place.

It's called the AIESEC! If you can read the shadow.

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