Monday, April 14, 2008


Living each breath is back. :) In a morning where birds chirp cheerfully to the morning and traffic volume gets heavier to start the day.

While scrolling down my blog and looking if everything is alright, I found out that it's been 4 years since I have this blog. Scary to see how quick time flies. Somehow I still have the feeling that I am just the 143cm SCGS girl in the blue pinafore being blur and innocent of what the world is and happily exploring the world without pressure
hanging down the monkey bars everytime we have chance during recess 
getting freaked out by girls in skirt but striding across the benches 
eating meepok and chilli fries which is banned by school due to high fat content but the Malay stall sells it anyway
having fun about SJI boys 
walking back Malcolm Park
taking 30 minutes to wait for 605 just to save 10 cents
complaining the 2.4km run
playing softball 
keeping a lot of things in my pocket 
wearing socks above ankles
checking school badge on pinafore every morning
counting the price before sending laundry
attending Civics and Moral Education by Mrs Chee
amused by Mrs Miao in her interesting Geography classes
napping during every paper in O Levels
preparing for 'Turn Left Turn Right" performance 
getting quarantined due to SARS outbreak
emcee-ing for Exuberance with Teik Zhen when I barely know him
studying downstairs every night just to see KJ pass by and wave to me
enjoying every single style of good night MH created to cheer me 
getting scolded by Aunty April for staying up late
walking up and down the slope after dinner
mass watching World Cup in tv room
sneaking into IT room at midnight
playing piano in the lounge
dance competition
witnessing fights and burnt pizzas
trying out blue eyeshadow for the first time
woken up by army marches every Saturday morning
walking to the empty hall during recess to spend time alone
spending 2 weeks perfecting a powerpoint slide when it was not graded
watching musicals
shopping for Scholars' Room with Mrs Lee in Ikea
seeing Ms Heng cry

And I am turning 22 this year.

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