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Ended my exams today. Finally. It's been really long since I experienced resistance studying for exams. But the magical yesterday, I experienced it. After scanning through paragraphs after paragraphs, only to discover that I have not read the words at all, but instead just reading printed black ink. It was 3am then, when I still had 2 chapters and 7 research articles to go. The paper is at 9am. So I tried to pet talk myself using all sorts of reasons I can find under the sun. Sounds like an idiot, but I had to get the job done!

Anyhow, today 1130am marked the end of my exams, as well as the end of my Year 2 Psychology. A tinge of sadness. Two years have passed.. and time seems to fly even faster now. I love Psychology, but I haven't been spending enough time learning it. It's a dilemma. But well, I shall just try...

But anyway, met up Sharon and Mayas with Alvin today to talk about transition. Learnt a lot about how to approach planning focus areas. May be it was post-exam high, I was feeling interested about everything! And things were so easily understood. 

But what was best was AFTER the meeting. When we went to have dinner at Thai Express. Were discussing about good movies and good books, and I am so so excited to watch them during the holidays! Having the urge for good movies nowadays... Anyone interested to go?

Oh yeah.. I had movie outing with Chrystella before meeting up with Sharon they all too! Watched The Forbidden Kingdom. Hilarious. Weird. Interesting. But it's the company that counts. :)

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Blogger ielias said...


Exactly what I think also. I don't like to study and memorise something that I actually like for exam. It creates stress for me when studying it.

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