Friday, April 11, 2008


In 1982 Elliot Aronson received the following letter:

"Dear Professor Aronson:

I am a senior at ___ University. Today I got a letter admitting me to the Harvard Law School. This may not seem odd to you, but let me tell you something. i am the 6th of 7 children my parents had - and I am the only one who ever went to college, let alone graduate, or go to law school.

By now, you are probably wonering why this stranger is writing to you and bragging to you about his achievements. Actually, I'm not a stranger although we never met. You see, last year I was taking a course in social psychology and we were using a book you wrote, The Social Animal, and when I read about the prejudice and jigsaw it all sounded very familiar - and then, I realized that I was in that very first class you ever did jigsaw in - when I was in the 5th grade. And as I read on, it dawned on me that I was the boy that you called Carlow. And then I remembered you when you first came to our classroom and how I was scared and how I hated school and how I was so stupid and didn't know anything. And you came in - it all came back to me when I read your book - you were very tall - about 6 1/2 feet - and you had a big black beard and you were funny and made us all laugh.

And, most important, when we started to do work in jigsaw groups, I began to realize that I wasn't really that stupid. And the kids I thought were cruel and hostile became my friends and the teacher acted friendly and nice to me and I actually began to love school, and I began to love and learn things and now I'm about to go Harvard Law School.

You must get a lot of letters like this but I decided to write anyway because let me tell you somethign. my mother tells me that when I was born I almost died. I was born at home and the cord was wrapped around my neck and the midwife gave me mouth to mouth and saved my life. If she was still alive, i would write to her too, to tell her that I grew up smart and good and I'm going to law school. But she died a few years ago. I'm writing to you because, no less than her, you saved my life too.


Aronson, E., Wilson, T. D., Akert, R. M. (2007). Social Psychology (6th ed.). New Jersey: Pearson Education.

This letter reminded me, to never stop doing a good deed because it seems too insignificant. We would never know when we save one person's life. Keep doing good deeds, no matter how small and how easy it is, everywhere you are in everything you do, just like Professor Aronson, who saved the kid's life through his Psychology experiment. You will never know when it made a difference, but somehow, someday, you may just have saved one.

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