Sunday, May 25, 2008

First chapter of being an international faci

I am in UPM now. Living well. There is no table for faci to work on, no cushioned chair. We sit on the floor worked with laptop on our laps, have meeting at where we work, sleep at the same place too. Internet is fast but not consistent. We shift our laptops everywhere in this three dimensional space to hunt for the hottest spot. But we don't feel bad at all. The conference, till now, is amazing. There is so much fun. People love dancing like nobody's business. Meetings are effective. There are so many many differences in the way we conduct our pre-meet, and I love both. Met so many people in 2 days. Facis, interns, OCs. I love the sessions I am faci-ing, I love conducting random personality tests for people. The people are fun, and it's even more fun when we identify common friends among people. We mass sleep together at night, wake up in the morning by gentle pokes. We bathe in cold water, brush our teeth by the sinks with rotting food remains. But it is very fun! We are having a lot of real fun talking about all sorts of topics, eating real good food, taking real good drinks, and working through our sessions. The conference will start tomorrow. I want it to be a great conference.

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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

taken on 150508 when the world is waking up and I was with my endeared EBs


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Sunday, May 18, 2008



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+ Choong Hua

- 土生土長的華人
- 學校教了我英文和馬來文
- 環境教了我福建話
- 電視劇教了我廣東話
- 大學和喀麥隆教了我法語
- 在一個早上接觸了手語
- 最後一學期一口氣學了日語和西班牙語


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