Sunday, June 01, 2008

Dedicated to MIRACLE

从来都不会写conference后的感想,就如自己在conference closing是不懂怎么表达自己一样。头脑好像是坏掉了。我只知道,今天回来时,头脑里面都是miracle的影子,浮现的是大家的面孔、开心的笑容、紧张的样子、狂舞、深夜的谈天、昏睡、打闹。听到的一直是square dance的歌。想念。这是我第一次为一个conference这么投入,投入得自己都不知道,一直,一直,到conference结束为止。在conference  closing时我都很从容,流了几滴泪,然后就能微笑地和他人告别。


回到这里就立刻是MC Planning,但是我发现自己完全无法投入状态。一直还是faci的身份。真是不应该。:p

But two things I know I will definitely be appreciative of Singapore, warm shower and freely available internet access! But now as I am writing, I think again, is it really that great to have internet access all the time? I remember it was because we were devoid of contacting the outer world during pre-meet and conference that we had so much less distraction and could focus on each other better. And that's probably why this strong friendship and familyship. The last night when internet became freely available again, I feel so bad for Kai Ser who were waiting to pillow talk but we were just too engrossed with msn chat till he fell asleep. We were so focused on being connected with outside that we forget who we are with. Sorry Kai Ser!

For me, MIRACLE was filled with so many unpredictable incidents. Missed faci notification, wronged a person, caused people to miss their bus, knew so many second degree friends, missed a bus. I'm lovin' it, and I am missing it terribly now... *auwwww

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Blogger don't call me soonkit, call me J... y J? said...

ei, seriously, i'm having the same symptoms everyday since then...

i miss the smelly meeting rooms...
i miss the moment we squaredance like there is no ppl around
i miss Imran's noise and lame-ness
I miss Facis, OCs
I miss Group 12...
I miss MYC!!!

I miss Wan Xin and Cassy! :(

3:33 AM  
Blogger w a n x i n said...

Oooh the smelly room!! I don't really miss that hoho.

8:01 AM  

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