Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Good day

Today can be considered a rather normal day as compared to my other eventful days in May.

Had my marketing presentation today. Phone spoiled last night so that goes all my contact point as well as alarm. Was supposed to meet my group at 10am but somehow I couldn't hear my alarm at all while sleeping my roomie's bed. And Han Ling actually came all the way from South Spine to wake me up. All for pretending to be strong and proclaimed that I can wake up myself. So meeting was postponed to 12pm and we had 2 rounds of rehearsals before going to class. Our group was the third group to present and the previous two presentations were so enjoyable that I didn't realise it's mine coming up till very late. And a sudden wave of tremor attacked me. Was shaking all the way even while presenting. But think it didn't affect my presentation lah.

After the presentation then we got so relaxed that we started listening intently on others' presentations and seriously asking questions that I think others would hate us for. Deep down, I am really happy for my group. We started out happy and immediately got tense as the group doesn't work at the same pace and frequency, with me and Han Ling enjoying AIESEC speed and constantly MIAing cuz of conferences. The work spread was imbalanced and some were unhappy cuz they couldn't understand while we were unhappy because of the imbalanced work. But when the presentation was done, I felt great and everybody felt great too! Then we started talking more about personal life, and I supposed that's where bonding started. So today, even though the eventual grade wasn't as predicted, I am still very happy, and Han Ling and I went out to treat ourselves the most expensive meal I have ever had in life.

Yeah so, that's about it. Life is great. Though

my sim card just spoiled leaving me uncontactable
my phone spoiled mysteriously as well
I am still missing MIRACLE badly
my group presentation didn't turn out as well
I was nervous during my presentation
I just spent so much on one meal
I have decided to not go Brazil

Life is great. =)

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