Monday, June 02, 2008

Critical post MIRACLE depression

Right now, back in sg, I
sleep with one person instead of a whole group of people
sleep with bed instead of mattress or rolled map or backstage floor
bathe with warm water instead of cold
wear shorts instead of things longer than knees
wear slippers instead of sport shoes
sit on a chair and work with laptop on a table instead of laps or floor
get steady supply of wireless
walk further when I go AIESECing and walk less when I go shower
take public transport rather than being fetched around
settle with mediocre food instead of thinking of eating other's food
wake up at 9am instead of 7am
don't wake up with a lot of people talking around me
don't dance AIESEC dances everyday
don't need to be high everyday
don't need to look smart everyday
don't see ants all around me
miss the people terribly I was with for the past 7 days
want to go back to Malaysia again!

But the stage is already emptied.

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Blogger don't call me soonkit, call me J... y J? said...

woooi.... it was damn funny lah!!!

I like every single detailed things you wrote.. it is just so memorable... perhaps you miss the microphone the most.. rite? :)

3:20 AM  
Blogger w a n x i n said...

Totally.. I miss my microphone..

4:06 PM  

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