Friday, August 22, 2008

Life of a squatter

I thought this would be bad, a lot of people thought it would be un-live-able. But I am living this right now, right here, and being contented. :)

The story dates back to June when I realised Student Affairs Office did not receive my hall application. And they said that I am not allowed to apply until the waiting list, which was rumoured to have 2000 people, is exhausted. By the way, the hall has around 4000 vacancies. Last year hall reapplication opens in December.

So I have to look for my own accommodation. My options were to squat at people's room or to rent a room out of campus. I didn't like the latter option as it is troublesome and expensive and I feel insecure staying at strangers' place. So I chose the first option. Means I live in another person's room, without any furniture and without much space as I am intruding others' space. But actually I had a better verdict than most others. Right now, I am staying in a single room whose owner is away for holiday. Most of my things are kept in a luggage. I live with less than 10 tops and 5 bottoms, bathing supplies, a laptop, a file, a textbook, a management book, a diary, basic makeup, 4 pairs of shoes, 2 packets of tissues, handphone, charger, a soft toy. That's probably it. I don't have my body lotion, nail clipper, stapler bullets, files, stationery, more clothes, my soft toys, bleach, writing materials, personal care system, food, utensils etc etc. It was a test on how simple a life I can live.

And right now, while I am always finding that I need more things, I am still living and living well. I can actually live without the things I thought I need. So what if my nails are long now? So what if my skin is dry now? So what if I can't file my notes in separate file? So what if I only have limited clothes to wear and change? So what if I can't hug my tweety to live? So what if I can't paste posters around in the room? I can still live. The quality didn't even reduce by a bit.

It is a new experience, wasn't as bad as I expected. Wasn't bad at all. I just feel like a traveller. Staying in a hotel with less things. Just that I am a traveller in NTU. I have learnt about how simple and easy life can go. It doesn't need to be that complicated. It is the soul that matters more. :)

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