Saturday, August 16, 2008

The Olympics Spirit

Watching the Olympics is a great inspiration.

It is where I see the strength of the mind, to see how one concentrates the whole of her body and soul to that one thing - achieve. It is the power of mind, that allows one to pick up, after an initial setback; to continue, for that .01sec faster; to persist, despite the pressure; to win with elegance, or to lose with grace. It is a beautiful showcase of the mind.

It is where I see different countries, different people, all different, but having the same one dream. All competing, but for the same aim. The games are all different, but every athlete is packed with the same determination. It is a peaceful world of unity.

It is where I see the pride of nation, when the country roars in happiness for getting into finals; when the country cheers to support the athlete till the end; when the winning athlete steps on to the platform, when the national flag is raised, when the national song is played, when the athlete stands to fill the pride of the nation, when everyone from whichever origin, stand in respect for other country. It is a world of harmony and pride.

I happened to watch Olympics under a very random occasion today. And came back feeling fulfilled, motivated, and most importantly, happy. :)

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