Saturday, October 04, 2008

My New Life

It's the third day, I opened my eyes, realising that I am waking up in a new setting. 

It's the third night, I went to bed, realising that I am sleeping a little further from my roommate.

I took a bus back today. A sudden realisation came to me. I need to take 179 instead of 199. 

Upon entering NTU, I need to wait for the bus to make a loop around the academic buildings before getting off.

I am living just 10 minutes off South Spine, I am walking down the slope back to my room and just two flights of stairs up to my room. I have a huge table lamp above me. I have a wider table. The room is longer and wider and the window is larger. There are a lot of cats in the hall.

 The understanding of me being a Hall 7er hasn't really sit in yet. 

I have stayed in the same setting of Hall 9 for two years. It is not just about the room. It is about your routine walk to school, the way you schedule your time to make it to classes, the food you eat, the buses you take, the friends you make, the hall structure and the mood of the hall. I am not exaggerating this. This is a huge part of life.

I still yet to finish unpacking my boxes. I just found out where the water cooler is. I just used the washing machines. I am enjoying my new life. It came off unexpected (I wantED to stay in Hall 9 forever), but it was a cool surprise. I yet to learn how to survive the weekends here without nearby canteens, I yet to get used to the warmer weather, I am sure I will find my way.

I can't be more grateful to those who took out time off this crazy week to help with my unimaginable load of belongings. I didn't know my belongings amounted to that too. The cabbies refused to stop for us, and the action RC actually stopped a pick-up to help us transport the load. And haha my and jie's stuff successfully filled the entire pick-up. Yet WH YY jie and RC managed to get on among the boxes for a ride to Hall 7 to unload the stuff. Nitin helped too at the unloading site without a question. 

It was a good sweat out session, and I am really thankful to those who helped so generously. WJ, K, WH, YY, RC jie. And thanks to the pick-up uncle who sacrificed a bit of his time and a bit of his petrol to handle this unexpected roadside request. Thanks to him for being so generous for refusing to charge us for that. It is really nice of you. Thank you. Hope you felt good and have had a good late dinner that night.

A bit of the things owned by me over the years (+ 7 boxes of PS' stuff)

To the truck we go! 

Doing a great job at maximising space use.

And voila! My new residence.

And unrelated. My new nails deco done by yours truly. =) 

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