Thursday, November 20, 2008


Someone I like a lot now - for her songs, her character and her quietness.

And it is through the words that the victims said that made me so heartbroken about the situation there. 'Her mum was crushed, give her more food.'

Her songs are very unique. You don't know if she's singing from the girl's or guy's perspective, given her androgynous appearance. So for many of her MVs, she narrates as a third person looking at the love stories of others. And why not, narrate stories as a human, without the distinction of guy or girl. Why must we always judge things, esp relationship, through the first filter of whether it's about a guy or girl?

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Sunday, November 16, 2008

I miss CJCH - Exam Time

I was mugging at Hall 7 reading today. A guy was marching up and down the aisle among the tables, presumably memorising his notes. First thought: Weird guy!!!! This wasn't the first time for me to witness weird studying scenes. Yesterday while going for dinner, PS and I saw a guy standing right in front of a study room door, putting his notes on the door handle, reading it. First thought: Weird guy!!!!

Then I started wondering if it was just in NTU that I saw these weird studying scenes. And I suddenly remembered.. long long ago.. when we were all tiny bunch of secondary school kids, back in the small CJC Hostel, things were like that too. CJCH is a small hostel of 140 occupants only, with only one common area - half of the ground floor. When you first enter the hostel, there is security counter and office on your right, with the laundry room behind the security counter. The floor tiles are small and pale yellow in colour. During SARS period, we used to line up in front of office to get our temperature measured before going to school every morning. Then on your left, there's a small newspaper lounge, and a small chapel with beautiful stained glass and electronic piano. Then you turned right into the common area. You see on your left, an IT room; on your right, a lounge with a lot of sofas. Then you walk further in, there's a turn on your left to the canteen. And then, 1 TV room with nice bean bags on your left, and 3 study rooms on your right. There is a piano in Study Room 2. We used to pay 1 dollar per hour for piano, and 3 dollar per hour for computer, till Brother Paul abolished it. TV room and IT room are closed at 10pm - that was how healthy we WERE brought up. All the studious people among the 140 who can't study in their own rooms study at these common areas.

During exam period, the atmosphere was great. You see studying people everywhere - the study rooms, in the canteen, the newspaper lounge, in the chapel, at the lounge platforms, in between the computers. And some of us did walk about while studying, the walking motion was believed to help digestion of books. But that time, I didn't consider these scenes weird. Cuz we all know each other. Even though some were not friends, but we definitely know each other's names. Familiar people are not weird people.

I suddenly miss mugging in CJCH so much. I remember those times when Melissa and Yoshiko grabbed the sofa cushions and low tables from lounge into the study room 3 where we made ourselves cosy there studying, even slept overnight there.
I suddenly remembered how I used to purposely study at the table seat in the first study room against the glass panel, so that I could catch glimpses of you, to just wave and smile and mouth 'hi'.
I remembered how I used to mug with Melissa at wee hours in the study cubicles in IT room, always telling Melissa to wake me up if I fall asleep, then immediately went to sleep after that.
I remember holding my notes walking up and down the slope.
I remember you laughing happily when someone asked you if you were looking for your chick - just when you guys didn't realise I was just behind you all, and how shocked you guys were after discovering my presence.
I remember the charred burnt pizza after someone happily innocently warmed a single slice of pizza in microwave for a good 5 minutes.
I remembered the physical fight between the Malaysian and the Chinese guys in the canteen over discrimination.
I always remember being scolded for sleeping late.

I always thought I am not far from these memories, but today, I suddenly realised, they are 5-8 years away from me now, only to be farther in the future.

I have thrown away a lot of things I had since secondary school. I have changed my MSN version and my hairstyle, kept my textbooks and newsweek in boxes, threw away my clothes, my files, my notes, my clock, my handphone. The last thing I want to throw away, is my memory of the past...


最怕空氣突然安靜 ...

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Preview of my life

18th Nov 1pm - 330pm HP305 Advanced Statistics
18th Nov 5pm - 700pm BS804 Traditional Chinese Medicine
19th Nov 9am - 1130pm HP310 Positive Psychology
21st Nov 230pm - 5pm HP308 Psychology in the Workplace
24th Nov 5pm - 730pm MB363 Management Decision Tools

Interesting huh. That's why I haven't started my papers when 90% of NTU humans are in the midst of battle already. Why do I need exams for 3 consecutive timeslots???

Wish me luck that I can wake up for my morning and afternoon papers.

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Thursday, November 13, 2008



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Monday, November 10, 2008

Two hour to JB

So basically, on 9th November, a few days before our exams, PS and I went JB for two hours. Yep JB not JP. =D

We went to send my friend over to JB KTM. Meanwhile we went over for classy-but-cheape-by-currency food. But hehe, the main thing was, PS wore a skirt today! Hahahaha. That was done under the threat that I won't let her go JB if she doesn't wear a skirt. So yeah.. she succumbed to it with a very pitiful look (poor PS), and we went happily as 3 girls (instead of 1 man 2 girls =P).

Hey PS looks real good in a skirt ok!

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Wednesday, November 05, 2008

The new pose

I found back my interest for yoga tonight.
Thanks to this picture which excited me to try the pose. I found this on random blog of a very pretty girl.

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Monday, November 03, 2008

My initial motivation

Recently there has been a lot of talks about MC election, so this fine night I was talking to Sharon about it, and decided to trace back my chat history for a particular segment of conversation. But what I ended up stumbling on this - my initial motivation to run for LCP.

21/12/200723:45:38Sharon - @ Singapore - Carpe Diem - Thanks for an amazing Singapore NLDS 2007!~wan xin but since we're on the topic, why do u choose LCP?
21/12/200723:48:51~wan xin Sharon - @ Singapore - Carpe Diem - Thanks for an amazing Singapore NLDS 2007!cuz i want to be connected with people
21/12/200723:49:11~wan xin Sharon - @ Singapore - Carpe Diem - Thanks for an amazing Singapore NLDS 2007!it's the perfect place for me to reach to every member n inspire them
21/12/200723:49:45~wan xin Sharon - @ Singapore - Carpe Diem - Thanks for an amazing Singapore NLDS 2007!and i want to be active in moving the lc to a higher level
21/12/200723:49:55Sharon - @ Singapore - Carpe Diem - Thanks for an amazing Singapore NLDS 2007!~wan xin so where do u want to move LC NTU to?
21/12/200723:50:05~wan xin Sharon - @ Singapore - Carpe Diem - Thanks for an amazing Singapore NLDS 2007!Netherlands
21/12/200723:50:26Sharon - @ Singapore - Carpe Diem - Thanks for an amazing Singapore NLDS 2007!~wan xin hahaha
21/12/200723:50:42~wan xin Sharon - @ Singapore - Carpe Diem - Thanks for an amazing Singapore NLDS 2007!i want ntu lc to become the first choice cca for students
21/12/200723:50:58~wan xin Sharon - @ Singapore - Carpe Diem - Thanks for an amazing Singapore NLDS 2007!where ppl know they are there to learn and to make a difference in the society or others' life
21/12/200723:51:06~wan xin Sharon - @ Singapore - Carpe Diem - Thanks for an amazing Singapore NLDS 2007!where ppl r well connected within and without

There it goes. So raw, but so true. It was a good refreshment of what I wanted to do for AIESEC in NTU. Thanks for this stumble.

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Saturday, November 01, 2008

Movie Marathon

Yes, and perhaps blogging marathon too. =P

Ever since I discovered and tried the existence online streaming for movies, I couldn't stop myself to catch up with all the movies that I have missed in the past, especially during times when I am huge on procrastination. These are mainly the 'thrashy movies' as what me and my friends called, those movies we deemed too expensive to spend $8.50 or $9.50 to watch. Turned out that I did have misses as well. Some 'thrashy movies' were by my definition blockbusters, while some I thought were blockbusters turned out thrashy.

Below are the movie list that I have watched in the past 10 days, with some very very rudimentary comments. My movies, my say, my rulez.

  1. Sex and the City - a sudden craving to re-watch this blockbuster was the starter of my movie marathon. I watched it once in the cinema, and then at least thrice online, and since then my wallpaper and screen saver and msn theme colour and msn personal message and chat background have changed.

  2. Music and Lyrics - always wanted to watch this blockbuster but turned out just thrashy movie with very very artistic name. The song is great though.

  3. 27 Dresses - undecided if it is thrashy or more-than-thrashy. The streaming failed halfway and it wasn't enticing enough to let me try again another day. Interesting usage of character from unconventional career.

  4. How to lose a guy in 10 days - sounds thrashy, and is in fact thrashy too. But heck. The girls are beautiful the guys are gorgeous, and the plot was just, pretty!

  5. Mean Girls - My knowledge of the existence of this show was imparted by the trailer on TV Mobile as I was going back hall tonight. Thrashy thrashy, but they mentioned about Africa! Interesting insights, or made-up facts, about US High Schools though.

  6. P.S. I Love You - thrashy movie turned ULTRA blockbuster. It is such a great story with unconventional plot. Made me cry so many times. Deep theme presented in light manner. Have put that in my bookmarks, and will definitely watch this again.
That's all for now. I hope my movie craving has ended so that I can start studying! I love movies..

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Death is such a scary thing, when it happens to the person closest to you. You wake up, trying to do what you used to do with the person everyday, just to realise that you can't do it anymore. You keep thinking that it's probably just a very bad nightmare, but you just can't wake up from it. You tried to catch glimpses of the person or hear the one person one more time, but that person is already so far away. Beyond any possible touch.

I wouldn't want to imagine if anyone around me pass away. So let me just imagine it for myself. It is probably the easiest death experience for me. No pain, no sadness, no longing, just peace.

If I pass away one day, please, tell my parents to set up my funeral this way: I want a really warm gathering for all my family, relatives and friends from all worlds. Anyone who knows me briefly or thoroughly, or just heard about me, are invited. At the funeral, please play any video with me inside, my piano pieces, the songs I wrote, or just my music library, anyone can stand up and share their stories of me. My primary school friends can tell everyone how tyrannic I was then, my secondary school friends can joke about how short I was, CJCH hostel people can sing the farewell song we sang then, Janice W can reveal all the hilarious jokes we ever created, 73s can complain how they hated me, 3ers can disclose all our amazing times, AIESECers can of course, tell my AIESEC experience, struggle and gossip management, those who loved me can elaborate on how I made them suffer, and my family and relatives can talk about how different I was at home. Anyone who loved me please stand up and share. I hope to hear and my family probably would be happy to know that I am once loved. I want warm lighting, may be the entire place can be placed with tealight candles since I love them a lot - they are always there for my favourite memories. It should be at my home, everyone sit around, sad but not depressed. I hope everyone will just reminisce about me, and know the Wan Xin that they never knew from their perspective. Then Rach can use the opportunity to write my biography. Anyone can share at anytime when they have something to share. My mum can record the night down, to replay on nights when she misses me, to replay to me when they think I miss them. Someone can take over my blog and email account and phone to continue reply emails. Of course, it's to tell the senders that I am dead. Life will go on for others, and for me, eternal peace. That's why this is the easiest death that is close to me. If I happen to die, please tell my parents this is what I want. It'll be difficult to go against the tradition, but please, this is my only funeral I will ever have. Marriage, may unfortunately have twice or more, but funeral, seriously only once. So if I pass away, make the funeral mine.

It even saddens me when I am writing about my own death. I can't imagine if one day someone close to me have to leave. Oh god.. if you were to take away someone in my life, just take me away. I can't take the excruciating pain. I am sorry i am a coward at this matter. I really don't think I am strong enough for this. So just take me away. I am sorry to be selfish.

P.S. Just that I thought I should share these with a lot of people so that someone can tell my family when it's needed cuz I won't be able to tell my family this when I am dead. And if this help is called for, allowed me to say in advance, thank you.


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The Need to Speak Up

Dear Chief Editor,

I am writing to you in question of the quality of your news and your journalist.

I refer to the article "Some 'Global' and Some 'Not-so-Global' Issues by Neetika Bansal on the recent November issue. According to the writer, NTU students are a bunch of students who are "just sensitive to the requirements of (our) own little world", and the rest of the world issues are meant to be worked on by "aware and responsible citizen(s), who exists somewhere on this planet", but she was quite sure it's not us or her.

I would like to ask on what basis is the writer based on to generalise such a picture for the entire NTU population, or the Tribune readers. Has she not heard of the Red Cross' blood donation drive, which I am sure the blood donated is not just meant for the organisers' kins; or the AIESEC Sustainable Food Consumption project, which aims to raise awareness of global issues beyond our "own little world"? This letter, rightly placed at the second page of the newspaper, has put down the entire population of NTU to as lowly as the writer aspires to be, and diminished all the efforts by NTU students to make the world a better place. And if any external were to pick up this newspaper and take the content as representative of what NTU students are truly like, I am sure he will be very much impressed with our world-class education.

Students' Union brands itself to "represent all the NTU undergraduates", as your 18th President has said in her article on the same page. The Tribune acts as a representative voice of the Student Union and the students; please be more selective towards the kind of articles published to represent us the student body, and the Students' Union. I have no qualms that what the writer said may be representative of her thoughts, and of the thoughts of some students as well. It would be more appropriate to put this up on 'Opinions' sections somewhere at the end of the newspaper, instead of right on the second page of the 'News' section. While publishing such articles ensures all students' perspectives are aired, you may want to consider putting a footnote that "the article is solely representative of the writer".

Please take care of the quality of the newspaper. The newspaper is produced based on our school fees and please be responsible for your stakeholders.

I hope to see the Tribune with news of higher quality soon.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at or 97334335.

Low Wan Xin
Year 3 Psychology
Nanyang Technological University

This is in response to the following article:

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