Saturday, November 01, 2008

The Need to Speak Up

Dear Chief Editor,

I am writing to you in question of the quality of your news and your journalist.

I refer to the article "Some 'Global' and Some 'Not-so-Global' Issues by Neetika Bansal on the recent November issue. According to the writer, NTU students are a bunch of students who are "just sensitive to the requirements of (our) own little world", and the rest of the world issues are meant to be worked on by "aware and responsible citizen(s), who exists somewhere on this planet", but she was quite sure it's not us or her.

I would like to ask on what basis is the writer based on to generalise such a picture for the entire NTU population, or the Tribune readers. Has she not heard of the Red Cross' blood donation drive, which I am sure the blood donated is not just meant for the organisers' kins; or the AIESEC Sustainable Food Consumption project, which aims to raise awareness of global issues beyond our "own little world"? This letter, rightly placed at the second page of the newspaper, has put down the entire population of NTU to as lowly as the writer aspires to be, and diminished all the efforts by NTU students to make the world a better place. And if any external were to pick up this newspaper and take the content as representative of what NTU students are truly like, I am sure he will be very much impressed with our world-class education.

Students' Union brands itself to "represent all the NTU undergraduates", as your 18th President has said in her article on the same page. The Tribune acts as a representative voice of the Student Union and the students; please be more selective towards the kind of articles published to represent us the student body, and the Students' Union. I have no qualms that what the writer said may be representative of her thoughts, and of the thoughts of some students as well. It would be more appropriate to put this up on 'Opinions' sections somewhere at the end of the newspaper, instead of right on the second page of the 'News' section. While publishing such articles ensures all students' perspectives are aired, you may want to consider putting a footnote that "the article is solely representative of the writer".

Please take care of the quality of the newspaper. The newspaper is produced based on our school fees and please be responsible for your stakeholders.

I hope to see the Tribune with news of higher quality soon.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at or 97334335.

Low Wan Xin
Year 3 Psychology
Nanyang Technological University

This is in response to the following article:

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