Monday, December 01, 2008

To join or not to join

That is the question.

Sideline: Would Shakespeare predict that this line will be so well used?

Today the non-constituent club (NCCs) presidents or representatives met up to discuss about selecting representatives to represent NCCs in the Hall Admission Scheme revision team. There was a whole lot of discussion and generation on what the representatives need to do, what is the vision and goals, and about the sensibility of the structure. A lot were discussed, fruitful or futile. And eventually, we decided to hold another meeting when we knock the senses into more presidents so that they will attend the meeting and voice out their opinions.

The day is Friday.

I am deciding if I want to fight into becoming one of the representatives. It will be a whole lot of work, more than what I am doing now, especially if I want to be a good representative to show people what NCCs are capable of doing, and to set an example for future NCC representative. I need to really speak to the 56 clubs and obtain their opinions, I need to fight hard, and all these require time. AIESEC is getting more packed with activities next semester as well, with a lot of big plans to make dreams come true. I need to allocate time to manage those as well. I still want to breathe life, I still want to study well, I still want to enjoy friends and family. See all the reluctance in me to be bigger than what I am.

The choice needs to be made before Friday so that I will fight for the mission.

A bit farn now.

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