Friday, January 16, 2009

Snipplets of the unhappenings

Suddenly had an idea to blog the most unhappening part of my life - to give this section of my life some spotlight.

16 Jan

Starting the day

I was woken up by sunlight today - it was shining fiercely on my calves. I realised I didn't close the curtain of the right side of the window, where my feet are beside. I closed the curtain and went back to sleep. It was only 10am.

I was woken up again at 11am by my handphone alarm - a very irritating Cantonese scream. I snoozed it and went back to sleep, woke up again at 1130am. And realised YR has cancelled our lunch date. I thought I shouldn't
sleep anymore. My new year resolution says healthy lifestyle - finally. So I woke up, cleaned up myself, on my laptop, logged into msn, and started reading my HP403 article. In the middle I also opened my mailbox to check the messages - AIESEC emails, friends' forwarded msgs, Buddhist newsletters. I also logged into and entered Rach's B&C wiki to get a poster printing company contact and called them up to ask for quotation for my calendar printing. The guy wasn't around, they took down my contacts, promised to call me back. Now it's 227pm and they haven't called me. I also forwarded SY email and talked about our LC overseas trip.

Going to school

At 107pm I changed and prepared to go class. Catherine has demonstrated consistent punctuality so I need to reach early. I contemplated if I wanted to make up but decided not to as I will be late if I do so. Then I walked to school, the same route. Wanted to fill up water bottle but realise it is full. I reached B7 lift of S1 and the lift was at B5, coming down - not too bad. I went up to B2, walked towards main spine. There was a guy who was walking the same route. As we enterred the staff corridor, he took the right path while I took the left. He emerged first on the corridor - just slightly faster than me. As he opened the door, he didn't bother to open it bigger for the person behind. That elicited mild irritation in me.

Then I reached the main spine. Intuitively turned right but decided to walk straight to the nearer bridge as that is a shorter distance towards S4. I was very hungry. Very much tempted to go Can B first but decided I should not or I will be late. Then I contemplated buying drinks at vending machine but decided I don't want a drink. Then I realised I should have reached B2 instead of B3 as that's where my lab is, and there is a sandwich machine there. But anyhow, I gave up buying anything, decided to just eat my Tic-Tac sweets.

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