Monday, March 02, 2009

10 random things about my Stong trip

Before the pictures are up and before the formal story telling, here are some random quick things about my out-of-the-world Stong trip!

1. This is the first trip for me to camp under the stars, trekked up with full load, bathed and cleansed at waterfall, and did business in the wild. 

2. I feel glad that I had the courage to take the 10m stone slide and the jump off cliff.

3. I discovered the unfamiliar side of me who is under physical stress and fatigue. 

4. I drank waterfall water for 1 whole day.

5. One thing I changed after coming back from Stong - I have no qualms about bathing in cold water anymore. 

6. Everytime I close my eyes, I see the excessively starry night I had on top of Stong. 

7. I lost all my self-efficacy at one point of time while we were descending from base camp. 

8. I discovered the beast potential in me - to move myself effectively on four. 

9. I learnt even more on how to respect the nature - no litter, even less chemical litter such as shampoo. 

10. One creative thing I did after the trip: My soaked clothes were excessively dirty and smelly to the point of me not knowing what to do about it. So I put it at the hanging lines outside my room to sun and rain it for 2 days to get rid of the smell and dirt before putting them into the washing machine. They all smell and look ok now!

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