Friday, March 06, 2009

I dreamt about Cameroon

Some of you probably already know that I am going to Cameroon for an AIESEC Internship from May to July. For those whom you don't know, yeah now you do! It's CamerOOn yeah, not Cameron, not in Malaysia, but it's in Central West Africa! I'll be working in Yaoundé the capital of Cameroon - a French speaking city to help youths in setting up their business.

Yesterday Rach gave me a Cameroon guidebook. I read it before I fell asleep and I actually dreamt about it. I dreamt that I went there with only 200USD, without traditional costume, and only 2 random notes!

For those of you who are wondering about what is random notes? Please read my facebook note!

I was supposed to stay in an AIESECer's house, and their parents actually came to airport to pick me up. The parents are really nice. They told me and their child that when they are away, we can have a party on our own, dress up, and drink Shandy.

Other things in my dream:

  1. There was only dial-up internet and I really felt bad using it.
  2. I was chased by dogs when I was walking back to home after internship.
  3. My internship ends promptly at 3pm everyday and I could take a stroll around the town after that.
Interesting dream..

Tracking of my internship progress
17 Feb - I received verbal offer from my TN manager - the AIESECer who manages the internship account in Cameroon. He is called Guy Tabue.
22 Feb - I received my official internship offer!
23 Feb - I received my reception booklet, which includes introduction to Cameroon and expectation setting form. I emailed National University Hospital and Tan Tock Seng Hospital travel clinics to enquire about vaccination. Also, I talked on msn for the first time with a Cameroonian. He's the MCP, which means the President of AIESEC Cameroon.
24 Feb - I met Guy online for the first time. Accidentally at Gtalk at 4am.
25 Feb - Guy sent me 4 pictures of him.
2 Mar - I arranged my vaccination appointment with NUH.
3 Mar - I tried to book my tickets online with Kenya Airways.
4 Mar - I called up Cameroon Consulate in Singapore to enquire about visa application. They told me they are just a consulate and they do not handle visa application, which should go to their Beijing embassy! *exclamation* So I called up the Beijing one, and the receptionist told me the phone at visa department broke down! *double exclamation* They asked me to fax in inquiry, but I asked for email. They gave me, hopefully the embassy reads it. Till now I have not received reply. :S
Today I also sent my expectation setting back to MCVP ICX and Guy.
5 Mar - I called up the representative office of Kenya Airways in Singapore, got a cheaper quotation which I can actually fly from Singapore. A gasping SGD2410 for return ticket.
Also, Rach gave me the Cameroon travel booklet!
6 Mar - I dreamt about Cameroon.



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