Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Self-reflection session

As preparation for my Member Committee interview, I spent some time doing self-reflection to better understand myself and ascertain my identity. I took out my organiser and started jotting down everything that comes to my mind about myself.
  • Treasure experience. Life is but a fusion of experience.
  • I don't choose the easy path.
  • Goals and results matter to me because it sets a game for me to play. Without goals and results, there is no experience created.
  • In terms of Big Five personality: I am highly open, moderately low conscientiousness, moderately high extraversion, moderate agreeableness and high neuroticism.
  • I not necessarily need to agree with others
  • Love? I think I yearn to be loved.
  • I love clouds and any natural phenomena. May be that's cuz I love beauty.
  • I am slightly egoistic and proud.
  • I am easily scared - by sudden appearance of people, insects, a lot of things. May be that's me being socially desirable?
  • Not being able to put others' needs before mine (spoiled, self-centred)
  • Go too much with the flow of my mind (random)
  • Bad decision making skills
  • Need to respect the person before taking in the person's opinion (else it'll just be active listening)
  • See things from different perspectives
  • Effective communication
  • Intuitive (able to see links between ideas)
  • Excel in the things that I am committed to (band, pi-pa, camera sales etc)
  • Maintain a good EB team with no dropouts
  • Enter my uni of choice
  • Get VP position of choice
  • Being a role model for people?
  • Personal connection to members
Way of life: 
  • Learning - curiosity in everything
  • Focus on the moment, focus on feelings, on the drive
  • Think very hard and very much
  • See general patterns of life
My self picture:
I am a forest. Very complicated, a lot of twists and turns, a lot of digging to do. What you see may not be the full content. I have a lot of sides. While I am comfortable with my multi-facet-ness, others may not be. I am very sensitive but only to certain things. My emotions are very easily evoked by things around. My emotions are very versatile and intense - it swings to different sides very quickly, and when it swings, it normally goes to the extreme.

- The End for the moment - 

Anyway I finally repaired my camera! After 8 months of procrastination! See the wall of my room! So pretty!

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