Saturday, March 21, 2009

Sleeping before 12am for Wan Xin?

I signed up for a sleeping experiment. I was being called up today to participate in the experiment, and the researcher briefed me on the participation details. There is one big rule in the entire experiment:

I need to sleep before 12am and wake up before 9am everyday for 2 weeks.

When I shared this with my friends, everyone asked, no they didn't ask. They declared that I will fail this experiment. They said that even if I can achieve that for one time, I will definitely not able to maintain that for half a month. They said I should let my roommate wear the actiwatch (sleep monitor) because she is the person who can be more trusted to sleep at the hours mentioned than I am.

I guess they are probably right using my past records. But let's see if I can break away from my past, and use this opportunity to establish what traditionally is good sleeping habit.

Anyway, it's almost 6am now.

For people interested in participating in the study, you may visit the site. You get to have free MRI scans on your brain!

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