Sunday, April 05, 2009

This is not going to be an inspiring post

Read at your own risk. I am NOT going to do impression management.

Being a president is so difficult. Yes there are whole lot of perks and learning and fun associated with the role. But together with that comes a lot of expectation, and sometimes, the wrong expectation and the wrong understanding of your role.

And you are blamed for that.

Being a president sometimes mean you are not a human. People expect you to be perfect. And when you make one mistake, you are being judged and generalised by that mistake. Your leadership is that mistake. You are that mistake. People forget that you are still a human too. May be you should not be a human anyway. Since you are THE PRESIDENT.

Sometimes things turn even better. You are being criticised for things that aren't even supposed to be your responsibilities. People perceive that it is your responsibility and that becomes your responsibility. And you are being judged on that responsibility.

Well, these are supposed to be expected of the leader under the table. There is an additional task for leader that is not written on the job description. It is to have the strength to face these doubts from people, whether or not they are justified. And upon facing them, you need to have the ability to be more professional than just managing your emotions, but to put yourself in the best mentality and attitude to face the people and explain, or clarify, or help guide the person for the better.

This is so difficult. Being criticised brings about enough sadness and depression and self-doubt unto yourself, yet this is not the main bulk where your attention should be. The point of criticism, or worded nicely as feedback, is not about you, but about the issue, the people affected, or the person who gave you the feedback. Stop dealing with your emotions, pretend they don't happen, you don't have a self-esteem, go deal with the business, NOW.

Being a leader is not easy.

Who says it is anyway?

P/S: This post is meant for me to just vent out my stress and depression. Not meant target anyone. Please control your imagination. If you are reading this blog, that means you are a friend of mine, beyond just colleagues. So, as a friend, take this as a complaint from your friend about work, not about anybody. That's the least you can do for me. Thank you.


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