Tuesday, May 05, 2009

The absolute stupidity in me

Main point: I missed my flight.

I still don't understand how I could be so slacked and careless, especially regarding such a disciplined task like flight.

I was supposed to fly back from Singapore to Malaysia at 3.05pm. Rach and I arrived at 12pm, checked out the check-in counter - not opened yet. Then we went to look for food restaurants, and eventually went to the Terminal 2 for food. And we were so happily eating desserts after food, and we budgeted exactly just enough time to walk there for the last minute check-in.

And the bill just had take so long to come. By the time we took the airtrain back to Terminal 1 and checked in, we were pronounced 3 minutes late. And the unfriendly staff didn't even bother to look at us. By the time we found out which exact counter it was, the staff just unfriendly-ly told us that we are late.

After five minutes of negotiation, she reluctantly called the captain, who then said that he won't re-open the counter because he wants to depart on-time. I was instructed to buy the next flight ticket, which was at 7.40pm, with an additional fee of $80. That was itself more than my original flight ticket! But buying a new ticket in itself cost more than that fee, and I need to go home. So reluctantly, I gave away my money in exchange for that later flight.

If the staff could have identified herself earlier and spoken to us when we were just 3 minutes late, things could have just be completely different. I would not have become so late, and the captain might just let me in!! I felt so irritated by the completely rule-abiding culture. Urgh.

Okay. Who am I to blame other than myself right? If only I have that bit more sense to not bet on last minute. And I actually didn't learn the lesson. After I entered the departure hall, I actually took my own sweet time till I was shocked to see 'Gate closing'. And I was still 200m from my gate. The other passengers that day must have been amused by the hilarious scene of a girl running through the entire series of traveling escalators.

Sigh.. I am just so absolutely stupid.

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